A New Perspective On The Beatitudes Of Matthew 5:3-13

Once one concedes that the New Heavens and New Earth of Isaiah 65:17-25 and 66:22-24 were given high priority in Yeshuwa’s teaching concerning the Gospel of the Kingdom, it changes how one understands His words and sayings.

Like heavenly Glory it appears to belong to the context of His message.

For example, His Sermon on the Mount is a well constructed, literary unity with the writings of Leviticus and Deuteronomy in mind. The Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6 was inspired specifically by Leviticus, chapters 10 and 25.

In the following dialogue the author asked Adoniy Yeshuwa questions about the Beatitudes. Again his eyes were opened to new insights.

"Now, Adoniy, the Sermon on the Mount." "What is it you want to know?" "The Beatitudes have taken on a new perspective. I understand the 'poor in spirit' - the becoming like a child."

"What does the mourning refer to?" "When one goes to live in Heaven or on Eden one leaves behind friends and family, whom they may never see again. Know this. They naturally feel sad. But here they will be comforted. On Eden they will be forty light years away and mourn those they once knew. Again they will be comforted."

"In 5:5 'blessed are the meek or gentle, for they will inherit the Earth.' Which Earth, Adoniy?" "Eden, Wayne. My students understood this. I spoke to them very early on, since it was a key part of My teaching. Because Eden is a planet of righteousness, those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be satisfied there."

"Eden, like here, is a place to show mercy." "Showing mercy is part of being a servant one of another. Weaknesses are present, yet are not judged. That process creates reciprocation. One's faults and weaknesses are overlooked."

"'Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see Eluhiym.'" "The pure in heart are the circumcised in heart and flesh. They will see Us, for We will make Ourselves known to them."

"What about peace makers? They will be called sons of Eluhiym." "Indeed, Wayne, they are Our sons and daughters. Peacemakers go into tense situations and defuse them."

"Those persecuted on account of Me are those who stay behind and wait. However, they will have access to this Throne Room and feel welcome here, just as you, too, have always been welcome here."

"The truth about persecution is that it builds character. You know who you are. You are the salt of the Earth. If you quit, then you will lose your good character and individuality - and men will trample over you."

This is as far as the interview went. Not only will those left behind mourn, but those who go to Heaven or Eden and learn how few from Earth are present will experience mourning too. Humanity needs to wake up to itself and throw off the deceptions of religion and science.

For those who cannot accept that Yeshuwa taught the reality of a new Earth under a different sky (new heavens), consider how the Twelve were promised this in their own lifetime. This is from the April 17 interview:

“Matthew 19:28 is a very clear text about the Twelve going to the new world, the paliggenesia, and sitting on twelve thrones to judge the twelve tribes of Yisra'el. Is this correct?" "Matthew was quite clear on this, as you already know." [So was Shimon Kephar in 2 Peter 3:13 and Yohannan in Revelation 21:1.]

"Paul in Titus 3:5 speaks of a washing of regeneration." "'Palin' means 'again', 'genesia' is 'creation', all over again, so a new world, and, of course, I had Y'shayahuw's new Earth in mind." "Palin is an adverb of time. This would emphasise the new Earth." "Yes, Wayne, it is not Paul's new creation [καινή κτίσις] in Second Corinthians 5:17."

"Was Paul told that he will miss out on going to Eden before he renounced Christianity?" "Mattithyahuw stressed that rather poignantly. The people were ready to leave and he became frightened after opposing it so strongly."

"My discovery about prophecy finding the right environment before fulfilment was profound. Y'shayahuw taught me that." "It is true, Wayne. If not, then We would all be false prophets."

"So what was the purpose of Deuteronomy 18?" "There is a core to prophecy which must come true, or else it is false. The patriarchs knew that there were other planets and civilisations and that this world was run by the Serpents."

"The Abrahamic prophecy in Genesis 15:5 about his descendants being numbered greatly like the stars in heaven was deemed fulfilled at the end of the Exodus (Deuteronomy 10:22). But not all the families of the Earth were blessed through him." "That remains in the future."

"The first part's fulfilment gave confidence to the second part. Yet after all this time it still has not been fulfilled and will not be on this Earth. This is what the new Earth exists for - to fulfil the prophecies. Isaiah 7:14 was quickly fulfilled in his day, then again with My birth. Prophecy can be multi-dimensional."

 By the way, in the present writer’s collection only the RSV Bible translates paliggenesia as “the new world”. The NEB has “the world that is to be.” Others have “regeneration” or “renewal”, taking their cue from the apostle Paul. In Matthew’s original Hebrew text ‘HaArets HaChadashah’ was employed.

Yeshuwa spoke in Hebrew and Aramaic, not Greek. See John 19:17, 19, where Hebrew is deliberately given priority over Latin and Greek. Nothing that Paul wrote ever interprets the sayings of Yeshuwa correctly.

This planet is beyond renewal. Y’shayahuw said it will be split in two some time after the new Earth is settled. Before this happens there will be a major return to calling upon the name of Yahuw’ah (Isaiah 24:14-16a). And this is what Shimon Kephar is talking about in Second Peter 3:8-14. He never endorsed the apostle Paul.

Other than having a religious or pious disposition, the present writer is yet to see any regeneration in any so-called redeemed Christian. Enthusiasm is not regeneration. Nor is a reprogrammed mind. What new creation, then, is Paul talking about? Read his epistles to see how ineffective his message was on his followers.

© April 2018 Wayne J. Zanker