The April 30th and Early May Storm

As if the storms on April 21-22 and 25 were not bad enough, another extreme weather system developed off south-east Queensland a few days later and dumped massive amounts of rain from Caboolture north of Brisbane out to the Darling Downs and down into the far north of New South Wales. Areas east of the Great Dividing Range were again flooded down to the mid North Coast. Many centres recorded over 300 mm or 12 inches of rain. Caboolture received at least 400 mm. One person observed that flash flooding was the worst he had seen. Five people died in drowning accidents in Queensland and a boy was swept out to sea off northern NSW. Damage to homes and infrastructure was substantial.

[Updated] While this storm completed the punishment cycle arising from earlier rejection of the Name, it nonetheless drew attention to some interesting observations. Since January 26, 2015, New South Wales, a ‘17/18’ entity from 1788, has been under the ‘5/6’ (Malkiyah-Miyyamin) annual Thrones module. In this the western and southern compass areas are strong with the east and north weak. So it is understandable that areas mainly to the east of the Great Dividing Range were severely affected, as they had the most vulnerability. This might also indicate drier conditions for areas to the landlocked west in the year of influence. Coastal regions tend to experience intensifying low pressure systems, making them vulnerable to excesses.

Queensland, a ‘20/21’ entity from 1859, has been under its own ‘20/21’ (Yechezqel-Yakin) module influences since June 6, 2014. It has typically been experiencing blocking weather energies preventing rain from penetrating inland. When ‘20/21’ meets an obstacle it looks for a way round. So the far north and the south east naturally get extra attention due to their proximity to the sea. From the south east the extreme weather event headed south into NSW. Tropical cyclones had mainly travelled across the top through the Cape York Peninsula. In the three major storms to hit Brisbane since June 2014 17^2 has featured. This can be a very destructive prime number energy.

During the Toowomba, Lockyer Valley and Brisbane floods of 2011 QLD was under ‘3/4’ which has entirely different weather energies. This is the passion week, trial, death and resurrection module where large numbers are affected, be they people, livestock and housing. The sinking of HMAS Sydney was a ‘3/4’ (Charim-Seorim) event. ‘17/18’ also has a ‘3/4’ aspect, hence the Sydney link.

Many different factors play contributing roles to climate and weather events. And yes, Yeshuwa says that human activities are contributing substantially to global warming, making worse the effects of such storms. Observations like this will be featured in the weather app currently under development. [Modified: May 7, 2015]