Yeshuwa the Anointed (haMashiach)

* was conceived on Friday, December 18, 7 BCE at 9:36 PM while the virgin Miryam was staying with the future high priest Hanan (Annas) in Yeruwshalem.

* came from His Throne in Heaven through the Seventh Dimension to Earth in the groin of the Father Yahuw'ah, who married His earthly mother Miryam, physically overshadowed and impregnated her, so ending her virginity. In one FIMIOL she is still wearing His ring.

* was born in a storage shed behind the travellers inn near the northern entrance to Beyth-Lechem (Bethlehem) on Tuesday, September 7th, 6 BCE at 11:37 a.m. His dates and times are precise.

* had four more brothers and three sisters from His mother and Yowceph, also known at ben Elim of Zippori or Sepphoris. One FIMIOL photograph displays a 12 year old Yeshuwa with Yowceph, Miryam and three of the children. Ya’aqob, Salome and all are naked.

* was thoroughly Yehuwdic and spoke Hebrew and Aramaic fluently.

* was called the Anointed of Yahuw'ah, implying that He held a kingly and priestly office.

* wore his hair short and, like Yahuw’ah, began showing signs of male pattern baldness. Sometimes He taught without clothes on.

* was baptised with water from four containers poured over His forehead by Yohannan the Dipper on Sunday, January 12th, 27 CE about midday in the Jordan Valley near the escarpment settlement of Bethany. He was 31 yrs 4 mths and 5 days old (about thirty according to Luke 3:23).

* was taken physically from Mount Ciynay (Sinai) through the Seventh Dimension to Heaven itself on board an IRV driven by the Dragon OM as part of the second temptation. There He was placed upon the pinnacle or apex of its Temple with angels watching down below and invited to jump off.

* presented facts about His own origins and the binary processes of creation to men who understood numbers and used parables to explain these.

* taught that in baptism water is poured over the front (top) of the head, following the example of Eliyahuw in 1 Kings 18:31-35. See Didache vii,1-3.

* recognises neither partial nor full bodily immersion nor sprinkling modes, since these misunderstand the purpose of holy baptism. This removes an area of scales on the soul’s forehead above the covering over the heart and allows its foreskin to drop away, like when a flower bud opens up to reveal its full bloom, so providing one with direct access to Heaven.

* fully embraced the Law (Towrah) and the Prophets (Nabi’iym) in Matthew 5:17-19 and supported 1 & 2 Maccabees. He went up to Yeruwshalem in 29 CE to attend the Festival of Lights (Dedication-Chanukkah) and celebrate the anniversary of His conception.

* taught that only the Few find life through the Narrow Way. This is not a religion, but the ability to gain access to the presence of Yeshuwa, Yahuw’ah and the other Eluhiym in Heaven, made possible through the covenants made with Abraham and Mosheh.

* revealed Himself as El Elyown or El Most High and challenged and condemned monotheism.

* will only return to Earth to wrap up human history after it is split in two by a devastating asteroid (Isaiah 24). The misunderstood thousand-year reign of Revelation 20 took place between 632 CE and 1632 CE, when John Locke was born. Empirical philosophy, driven mainly by intact men, is Satan’s revenge for His incarceration.

* demanded physical circumcision for males but not females, since un-circumcision renders the covenant void (Ezekiel 44:7). This is also the Father’s will. He, too, has no foreskin. In Matthew’s, but not Luke’s version of the Lord’s Prayer (11:2-4), the petition is that His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. “Deliver us from evil”, also missing in Luke, has the evil of un-circumcision at its core. When Yahuw’ah came to Miryam, she knew that He had no foreskin, so demonstrating this.

* chose the Twelve for their abilities with fishing knives and taught them to circumcise, then heal the wound. Foreskin removal has a profound effect upon decision making and can free one from the delusions of imagination. Circumcision also provides the legal basis for having a relationship with Yeshuwa and Yahuw’ah.

* claimed that He brought a sword to divide families (Matt. 10:34-36). His own brothers did not believe in Him (John 7:5) and His mother had Him expelled from the messianic residence in Capernaum.

* is very strict when it comes to sexual behaviour and orientation. Marriage may only be between one man and one woman, never same sexes. While He showed tolerance towards prostitutes and assisted them, like Mirya of Magdala, the parable of the Royal Wedding Feast in Matthew 22:1-13 reveals His utter contempt towards homosexuals. In 19:10-12 He informed His students that castration offers a life-saving alternative. Promiscuity and adultery are forbidden and re-marriage after divorce strongly discouraged. Monogamy, not polygamy, is the norm.

* had the attitude, in a major departure from the punitive aspects of the Mosheh covenant, that in this area only those without sin have the first right to throw stones (John 8:7). As the Judge of all men (Genesis 18:25) punishment is His prerogative. He took the big picture perspective. Imagination can produce powerful effects on thinking and behaviour. If one is to be punished, then everyone else should be too for their sins.

* never spoke of hope or grace, according to His recorded sayings.

* never mentioned overseers or appointed bishops as successors to His sholechiym (“sent ones”),

* taught close-up love which may be impatient and unkind, jealous and boastful, even arrogant and rude, insisting upon its own way (see the demands of the Law in Exodus 20, the cutting off of limbs or plucking out an eye in Matthew 5 and the self-drowning of paedophiles in Matthew 18.

* taught faith as a set of abilities which one carries out in the presence of the Father, like calming wind, relocating mountains, healing the sick and raising the dead. In other words, faith makes things happen, expressed in the true meaning of ehyeh asher ehyeh (Exodus 3:14).

* was transfigured in the presence of Mosheh and Eliyahuw on Mt Hermon on Monday, June 27, 29 CE (26 Siwan).

* instituted the land-based Body and Blood Covenant Meal in the presence of circumcised-only males, using Genesis, chapters 12, 17 and 22, as its basis.

* was crucified fully naked on Friday, April 7, 30 CE and died at 14:42 HR or 2:42 PM at Gordon’s Calvary north of the city walls. Yeruwshalem was shrouded in deep darkness to hide His nudity.

* only died for the circumcised. Those who die intact or not supporting circumcision automatically miss out on eternal life.

* was buried in the Garden Tomb to the west and rose again thirty-six hours later (5:13 a.m.) just before sunrise. There was no descent into Gehenna to announce good news to any spirits in prison. According to John 10:17-18, He resurrected Himself and was fully and completely engaged in trans-forming His body back to being the Lamb of Eluhiym whom He was before conception.

* was naked when He confronted Mirya of Magdala, according to the FIMIOL photograph of His resur-rection, which also matches the Garden Tomb with the crucifixion occurring at Gordon’s Calvary.

* ensured that His trial, crucifixion, burial and resurrection all took place before the true Sabbath arrived in the light of the correct weekday sequence of Genesis 1-2 and Exodus 16. His appearance to His students on the first day of the week at evening occurred at the onset of the true Sabbath. Thomas appeared eight days later, after the true Shabbat was over.

* ascended back into Heaven from the eastern side of Mount Tabor at 18:12 HR or 6:12 PM on Friday, May 19, 30 CE.

* reigns from a distant Heaven well beyond this universe, and is seated above and surrounded by the Twenty-Four Thrones in its Temple with the Time Room down below. The ability of the Seventh Dimension to fold space and time always permits Him be close to this planet and its inhabitants.

* holds judgement every three days. Yohannan the Dipper and his parents were sent to the Dark Pit upon His return to Heaven after the ascension. Yohannan died an unbeliever. The Spirit of Truth was withdrawn by Yahuw’ah due to his attitude towards Himself in Heaven and Yeshuwa on Earth.

* provided sixteen photographs of Himself with all made visible through the technology of satellite cameras, Google Earth™ and Serif software.

* is not the dispenser of amazing grace, but welcomes into Heaven whomever makes the effort to meet His conditions.

If this Yeshuwa seems unfamiliar, then that is not surprising. He is the “Jesus” whom the apostle Paul rejected in 2 Corinthians 11:4.

Authority: Yeshuwa the Lamb, Yahuw’ah and Yahbeth.



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