The primary purpose of FIMIOL Photographics is to raise the bar and greatly increase the burden of proof for both science and religion in an attempt to bring to an end unsubstantiated beliefs and theories.

This is being done by providing high quality, unique information and visual evidence of historical realities, such as the role of Yeshuwa as El Elyown (El Most High) in the Law and the Prophets and His crucifixion, resurrection and transformation from man back to the Lamb of Eluhiym.

Religion and scientific theories are put under a dark cloud as the usefulness of imagination and magic wand thinking is challenged. Theories about the origins of the universe and life, monotheism, creationism, the soul and morality will inevitably crumble with the publication of scores of FIMIOL photographs, including the Creators and Owners of the universe(s), this planet and its creature life.

There there are the digital photos and videos taken on ATAR, plus copies of the original Scriptures.

In their place will be a new paradigm where knowledge has no need for imagination in order to be established and names and dates are taken seriously. Scamming in the name of some deity or reason will then be easier to deal with and trees given a reprieve from being cut down to publish these. Ignorance is indeed contributing to global warming.

FIMIOL Photographics

 - Appointed Publisher of the Lord’s Photo Album -