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While preparing for my long-awaited first e-Book I took a short break to prepare this 3m 52s video of the creation of Adam in the moist soil west of Eden, his right T6 rib surgery and marriage to Chav-vah. There is even a FIMIOL photograph of the celebrant, namely, Yeshuwa the Lamb of Elohiym. Screen size can be increased and reduced in the top right corner

Of course, the e-Book entitled I Have Nude Photos Of Your Parents will feature many more photographs supporting the Genesis accounts of Creation. With the unexpected discovery of images of my family, including grandchildren, in the same Google Earth TM mapping image, I am regrettably unable to meet my own deadline. What started out as six or seven studies is now close to sixty. Will they make the file size too big?

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Subject line: A Short Video on Who Is The First Adam.

Message: I have just watched a short video on the creation of Adam and his marriage according to Genesis Two.

Please check out It features detailed photographs developed within just one Google Earth 3D mapping image.

PAL Format Video

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