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The Narrator And The Logos

[Free Academic Edition — March 2016 - 54 pages]

Format: PDF, Flip Book (3D Issue)

Brief Summary:- The “let there be …”  and “let the …” commands of the Creator Eluhiym in Genesis 1 more than initiate another Earth with its starry skies, but also contain their entire history from start to finish down to the smallest detail. This is borne out by twenty-first century FIMIOL photographs of Australian animals and individuals within recognisable settings as part of the Garden of Eden satellite imagery of eastern Turkey. While academic, it is intended to appeal to ordinary folks. The essay’s text is provided for translation under Downloads via the above navigation bar or by clicking here.

The 3D Issue version looks great on Apple iPads, Android tablets, PCs and Apple computers.

Since publishing this e-Book many unexpected changes have occurred. Among them Dick Smith and Le Cornu stores have closed down, although Dick Smith still maintains an online presence. So to have purchased in June 2014 a Dick Smith brand television and a Le Cornu entertainment unit and later find both embedded in the Garden of Eden FIMIOLs reveals a very small window of opportun-ity in the present to fulfil what was planned some 63,000 years ago.

The existence of IRVs (Instant Relocation Vehicles) or ISRVs (Interstellar RVs) was unknown to the author. Obviously their revelation also forms part of the Genesis Creation narrative.

Regarding Scripture, the present writer was also unaware that the sons of Tsadoq (Zadok) had butchered the Hebrew texts in the Law and the Prophets by removing El Most High from their narratives, as well as the presence of IRVs in many accounts. But for the FIMIOLs none of this would have been discovered. An ISRV was present on Mount Hermon for Yeshuwa’s transfiguration.

Knowledge presents many challenges and this can change over time. The monotheistic Christian God, whom no man can see, is common to all world religions, including Darwinism, where Evolution is a fertility goddess without any intelligence.

Yahuw’ah of Eluhiym can be written in Greek as Ίαεύα Έλευών.

Errors to be corrected in future editions are:

Enjoy the message of The Narrator and the Logos.

54 pages including FIMIOLs, photographs and dates Download 3D Issue Version


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