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Glossary Of Terms - I

Binary can be polar opposites like black and white, light and darkness, day and night and male and female. In mathematics zero and one are the basic units of binary. These play a vital role in the processes of creation. When grouped with one or two others they form clusters which assume their own dynamics (0, 1, 10, 11, 100, 110, 101, 111). Binary is always read from right to left. Four clusters are devoted to gravity and four to momentum.

Circumcision of the flesh is the surgical removal of the prepuce or foreskin covering the glans penis or end of the male penis. The glans must be exposed completely to have a legal relationship with the Father Yahuw'ah in Heaven. The mystery of circumcision can be seen in the quality of decisions made as well as protection afforded. Intact men and the daughters of intact fathers tend to make very foolish decisions, yet believe that they are wise and correct.

For example, intact French and German bankers loan money to the non circumcised Greek government which has no capacity to repay except with further borrowings (a consequence of World War II). Almost all the sacred sites belonging to Christendom have no link to the historical events involving Yeshuwa and Mosheh, yet are deemed more sacred than those defined by the visual prophecies. Un-circumcision voids all covenants, not just the Mosheh covenant (Ezekiel 44:7). It forms the basis of lawlessness.

Circumcision of the heart is the removal of the dark scaley matter in the soul’s forehead above the physical heart, enabling light to shine in from above. This is only possible once the male prepuce or foreskin has been surgically removed. Till then the male mind has to rely upon its imagination and therefore tends to get things wrong.

Circumcision of the flesh and heart enables one to break free from the power of imagination. While females have their own soul light with their fast spinning 1s, they need the foreskin of their hearts removed too. For both this is done with holy baptism using the pouring method and participating in the Body and Blood Covenant Meal, instituted by Yeshuwa during the Exodus Passover commemoration on the night when He was betrayed.

The Dark Pit is usually associated with the Lake of Fire and is described by Yeshuwa as “the outer darkness” (Matthew 22:13, 25:30). Yohannan referred to it as Death (Revelation 20:13-14), while Shimon Kephar wrote of “pits of nether gloom in Tartarus” (2 Peter 2:4). It is also called “She’ol” and “the Pit” in the Law and the Prophets. Here one may sleep till final judgement. Wailing and gnashing of teeth reflect deep disappointment and strong anger. In any person’s language it is a nightmare existence. Well over ninety-nine percent of the world’s population pass through here on their way to the Lake of Fire, unless delivered directly there.

Eluhiym (pron. el-u-heem) means "strong ones above all else" and is the name chosen by the thirteen individual eluw'ah who make up the two groups of Creator and Serpent Eluhiym. These two are in competition with other. Both groups have a light and dark side. The Creator Eluhiym consist of ten Eluw’ah. They have strict terms of engagement and find it easy to exclude and destroy, yet will gladly put Their knowledge and support behind those who seek Them, guaranteeing them eternal life. They are accessible at any time and have no need for imagination.

Meanwhile the Dark Eluhiym, an unholy trinity of three Eluw’ah, pose as belonging to the light. They create religion in man’s own image, then divide it and set the two against each other, giving each the firm conviction that their version is true and they belong to the elect, then promising them eternal life. However, it is one deception after another. Each is imagination based, although their followers will deny this.

El Elyown means El Most High. According to Genesis 14:19,22, El Elyown is the Possessor of Heaven and Earth, but also the Judge of all men and the Destroyer. In the Hebrew text the name is wrongly attributed to El Shadday. Originally the Lamb of Eluhiym with the two edged sword of intense light coming out of His mouth (Revelation 1:16) was known and worshipped as El Elyown. There is a FIMIOL of Him on the north-western slope of Mount Ciynay. When His mouth is closed the sword is unseen. He played a major role in the lives of the patriarchs. Later priests and scribes who wanted to be monotheists took exception to Him and removed Him from the Hebrew text, replacing Him with Yahuw’ah or the Angel of Yahuw’ah.

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