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Glossary Of Terms - II

El Shadday is the name given to Yahuw’ah and means El Sufficient Provider. It is how He originally revealed Himself to the patriarchs in the Books of Mosheh. However, it does not mean El Almighty, let alone God Almighty. The meaning is derived from two Hebrew words, one featuring a mother’s breast and the other sufficient, enough.

God is a name whose origins are pagan. It began to surface in southern Germanic lands during the seventh-century at the start of OM or Satan’s thousand-year imprisonment, evolving into Der Gott and later God. Its meaning of “one who is invoked” and therefore the object of worship has merit. In religion he is promoted as a father-figure, creator and sustainer of life. Often God has a son who is a saviour and teacher of mankind, since he wants all men to be saved. It is believed that since human souls originate from heaven, that is their final destiny after they have learned their lessons in life or a succession of lives. Such is God’s unconditional love.

The notion of God being three persons in one makes no allowances for the Seven Spirits of Eluhiym who hold equal status. These belong to the Creator Eluhiym who declare that the names God, der Gott, ό Θεός and Deus do not originate with Them.

The Lake of Fire is usually the next location after imprisonment in the Dark Pit. It exists within the Seventh Dimension membrane and was created by splitting it to form a thin bubble.  It consists of bird-shaped modules which, when joined together, form a very long line.

Due to the large number of human souls cast into the Dark Pit every three days, the original Lake of Fire is replicated, extending its range to cover a vast area. Finding a “loved one” can therefore become a frustrating exercise, since one has to negotiate the plasma and hostile neighbourhoods. But then one has an eternity to do this. Currently it is over one million miles or 1.68 million kilometres long and up to 25 km wide.

The Lake of Fire contains many yellow-coloured islands (brimstone is sulphur) embedded in a sea of low temperature helium plasma. This is not physical plasma, which is extremely hot, but a spiritual form. With undulating hills temperatures are cooler on the higher slopes, but around 45 degrees C (113 F) down by the Lake. Oxygen for breathing blows in and the atmosphere has a distinct burnt rubber or bush fire smell.

Here one has no choice but to adjust. Disembodied spirits attract plasma elements to re-form their bodies in a resurrection process, like that which occurred in the Garden of Eden. On the shores of the Lake and certain islands grow trees of knowledge of good and evil. Producing once a year, their fruit sustains the imagination and gives the body libido, allowing sexual activity to take place. Reproduction does not occur and there are no moral boundaries.

Spells or soul viruses are like dissociated complexes which take over the normal operation of the mind. By fixating upon and obsessing over an event, enough emotional energy is poured in to keep it in consciousness during every waking moment. Grief processes usually allow one to move on, but spells tend to be stubborn. Addictive behaviour involving the mind and body may be the product of viruses imposed on the soul in the Fifth Dimension by the Dark Eluhiym following enjoyment derived from the release of neuro-transmitters in the brain. Tobacco, alcohol, mind-altering drugs, gambling, violence and manipulation, food and sexual cravings as well as religion are enjoyable when satisfied and therefore difficult to shake off.

Religious communities often fixate upon the imaginings of both deities and heroes featured in written narratives into which emotional energies are poured. The writings of the apostle Paul especially fall into this category. Until that built-up energy is released, the religious community has control over the individual. Defensive reactions result whenever any threat presents itself.

Nonetheless when one breaks a spell and leaves a community, then that is regarded as the worst thing one can do and is warned that he or she will go to hell if there is no repentance. On the other hand, breaking the spells of drug addiction means a new lease on life. For the record, Heaven is interested in those with the courage to break their own spells, free themselves from soul viruses and simply think for themselves, rather than be human robots.

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