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Only Forty Million Souls In Glory -  I

One of the more frightening aspects which FIMIOL Photographics has to communicate is that less than forty-one million souls from this planet in over 8,200 years have achieved eternal life in the presence of Yeshuwa the Lamb and Yahuw’ah the Heavenly Father.

That amounts to a mean average of between 13 and 14 souls per day. In the twenty-first century it is apparently now fifty. So what happens to the rest and why is this the case?

Back in 2008 the present writer asked Yeshuwa how many souls from this planet are in Heaven and he was told just that: not less but more than forty million, and less than forty-one. That did not seem very many to him.

Why so few? Do not some religions teach that their followers go to Heaven after they die? So why are they not delivering? Is everyone sleeping till then or is there perhaps another heaven somewhere else?

Well, as a regular visitor to the Heaven beyond the universe the present writer has already seen several familiar faces enjoying the Good Life there. With around 150,000 currently dying every day from a growing world population of over seven billion and with most people allegedly sleeping until judgement day, a huge backlog would logically await the angels who have to come and collect them. How will they do it? Isaiah 66:15 speaks of IRVs coming like the whirlwind to assist Him, but their numbers are limited.

This all seemed quite unusual at the time. So the present writer set out to learn why so few make it to Glory and why the vast majority do not. Only “the few find life,” Yeshuwa taught in Matthew 7:14. He logically did not come to save everyone.

Non Circumcision A Major Reason

The first line of enquiry was circumcision. The allegorical interpretation in the Epistle of Barnabas IX, till then a favourite of the present writer, seemed a bit suspect. The number 318 is not mentioned in Genesis 17, but much earlier in 14:14 well before Yishma’el was conceived. And the ten [‘asar] comes after the eight [shemonah] in the Hebrew, while the Greek Septuagint has the opposite: 10 and 8 [τριακοσίους δέκα και όκτώ]. To equate the symbols IH with Ίησοϋς and T for the cross is clever, but not very bright.

This led to discovering a lot of other allegorical interpreting. Philo of Alexandria was not the only one to interpret the Law and the Prophets in this manner. Apparently the apostle Paul was a master of it as well. He taught his followers well, like the author of Barnabas.

So the Law and the Prophets were investigated for what they had to say about circumcision and non-circumcision. The case for the latter looked bad. Intact men were treated like rubbish with their souls consigned to the Dark Pit or She’ol after death.

According to Ezekiel 32:17-32, this is more than the grave, but a place deliberately set apart for the uncircumcised. How come they are already there or does judgement day come early for intact men and their daughters?

Then in the canonical Gospels Yeshuwa re-affirmed the Law and the Prophets (Matthew 5:17-19). These must be fulfilled first before one jot or point can pass from them. That is unlikely to happen prior to the sky and the Earth disappearing before the Final Judgement.

Preceding that will be the devastating asteroid smashing into the planet and splitting it in two, according to Isaiah 24, once the number of Fiery Bird Modules of the Lake of Fire reaches 86.400. So they remain in force so long as there is human life on Earth. No one may demote or annul them. For even more insight download The Narrator and the Logos from the downloads page.

Not once did Yeshuwa provide any inkling that circumcision would be done away with. No reversal miracle was ever carried out by Him and, despite his blustering, the apostle Paul never once performed such a miracle either.

Besides, in order to be valid, circumcision must fully expose the glans penis. Snipping the foreskin just before it is not circumcision and brings no covenantal benefits. Reversal has to be impossible for it to be genuine.

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The name of the beast in Rev. 13:18 with its letter values adding up to 666 is Cethur. This same name is written in Numbers 13:13 and means a “covering, hiding place, secrecy.” Any person belonging to the Un-circumcision automatically has the mark of the beast.