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Travelling To Mars In Minutes -  I

This article was first written in 2015 and was included in a .exe e-Book. It is republished here as an example of the earliest thinking on the subject. For recent articles and short videos on IRVs please visit FIMIOL.COM.

Inter-Dimensional Travel

Before reading this, please study the two articles on Parables and Binary Clusters and Creating Weather. Both of these inform about systems which run in higher dimensions, yet impact upon the physical or material world like so many other world management systems.

Setting out on a daily or weekly FIFO trip to Mars or the Moon in order to carry on business and employment is a lot closer than one might think. And this can be achieved within a decade or two with the right resolve and resources.

Oil and gas reserves are limited. New thinking is required to create forms of transport for tomorrow. Why not develop vehicles which do not pollute and damage the environment? Once the first successful prototype is ready, Moore’s Law or something like it will take over. Before long inter city, state, continental and planetary vehicles will be transporting people and goods from one location to another in a matter of minutes.

Clean and green electric cars are happening now. Yet another option, thought about and imagined by science fiction writers, is inter-dimensional travel. This implies moving from the physical realm, which is bound by time and space, into one which is free of these, namely, the Seventh Dimension. Arriving at one’s destination the vehicle then returns to the physical realm.

Physicists are already tapping into this dimension with the discovery of Higgs-Boson field particles using the HADRON Collider at C.E.R.N. Quantum physicists are working on entanglement. So the world of technology and engineering is heading in this direction anyway. Engineering and physics are so vital for living and travelling on this planet.

Obtaining The Blueprints

Back in March 2007 the present writer requested from Yeshuwa a way to help heal his osteo-arthritic and muscle-wasted body. For that purpose he was given specific JavaScript code along with instructions. He then created HTML to view it on a computer monitor. It took sixteen days to make the first proto-type.

Regeneration occurs when one goes back in a virtual sense into the womb of one’s mother and starts embryonic and foetal development all over again. The soul has a record of this since it is formed at conception by chromosomal DNA and grows with the embryo and foetus.

During the ensuing nine months things began happening in his body which made it difficult to reject it as imagination or pie-in-the-sky. He still lives with the benefits and intends, when time permits, to repeat it in coming months (premature) to extend his life and further repair his body. Already the primary communicating software has been successfully upgraded.

The cost of creating the software, researching development in the womb and constructing a hand-held viewer was about $200. When a patent was sought, his patent attorney said that it was ineligible and his only legal protection was through copyright and intellectual property laws.

Fair enough, he thought. He was given the secrets as a gift. The same will apply to the blueprints provided for making inter-dimensional travel possible. Laws of the land are usually limited to physical objects and behaviour. [Of course, this may change as reality sets in.]

Expressions Of Interest

The Revealers of the FIMIOL photographs want to make available to suitable individuals the blueprints and technological know-how to build and run inter-dimensional vehicles for human use as part of the next stage in this specie’s development.

They are seeking interested men and women of the circumcision to contact Them and attend Their classes in Heaven in a similar way to what the present writer has done over the years. Those with a knack for inventing gadgets involving sophisticated electronics and programming languages such as Java, who believe that this can be done, are invited to apply. While the blueprints are free, building a fast and safe vehicle is another matter.

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