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On The Other Side Of Latitude And Longitude

There is no doubt that humanity lives in a universe full of binary themes, e.g. day and night, male and female, black and white, short and tall, heavy and light, etc. Yet how many realise that by far most locations on land end up in an ocean on the other side of the planet?

Now is this by accident or design? Here is a JavaScript calculator created by Joe Ho back in 2005 and submitted to the JavaScript.Internet site which enables one to test this claim. Just a few patches of land match other strips. Here are some sample locations to check out!

Degrees Decimal
Latitude:      North South
Longitude:   East   West  

Degrees, Minutes, & Seconds
Latitude:    Degrees:   Minutes:   Seconds:
  North   South
Longitude: Degrees:   Minutes:   Seconds:
  East      West


Free JavaScripts provided by The JavaScript Source

The Other Side Of Latitude And Longitude

Sample Locations

Addis Ababa (Ethiopia):

9° 2” N - 38° 42” E

In sea off Marquesas Island in central PacificOcean.

San Francisco (California):

37° 47” N - 122° 30” W

In SW Indian Ocean SE of Madagascar.

Miami (Florida):

25° 45” N - 80° 15” W

West of Shark Bay in Western Australia In the Indian Ocean.

Alice Springs (Australia):

23° 40” S - 133° 50” E

In Central Atlantic Ocean.

Sample Locations

Beijing (China):

39° 55” N - 116° 20” E

On land S of Bahía Blanca in Argentina, South America.

Hong Kong (China):

22° 11” N - 114° 14” E

On land near Tupiza in southern Bolivia.

Dehli (India):

28° 38” N - 77° 17” E

In ocean ESE of Easter Island.

Tokyo (Japan:

35° 45” N  - 139° 45” E

Out in Atlantic Ocean off Uruguay in South America.

Bangkok (Thailand):

13° 45” N - 100° 35” E

In ocean W of Lima in Peru.

Sample Locations

London (UK):

51° 30” N - 0° 5” W

In ocean SE of New Zealand’s South Island.

Dublin (Ireland):

53° 20” N - 8° 18” W

S of New Zealand’s South Island near Campbell Is.

Sample Locations

Moscow/Moskva (Russia):

55° 45” N - 37° 35” E

In deep south of Pacific Ocean near Antartica.

Jerusalem (Israel):

31° 47” N - 35° 10” E

In central Pacific Ocean S of Rapa Island.

Athens (Greece):

37° 58” N - 23° 46” E

In deep southern Pacific Ocean east of New Zealand.

Lagos (Nigeria):

6° 25” N - 3° 27” E

In sea NW of Fiji Islands in central west Pacific Ocean.

Srinigar (North India):

34° 5” N - 74° 50” E

In ocean well south of Easter Island off Chile.

New York City NY (USA):

40° 45” N - 74° 0” W

In ocean S of Perth, West Australia.

Sydney (Australia):

33° 53” S - 151° 10”

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Cape Town (South Africa):

33° 55” S - 18° 22” E

In ocean well N of Hawaii.

Lima (Peru):

12° 0” S - 77° 0” W

On land in West Cambodia.

Jakarta (Indonesia):

6° 9” S - 106 49” E

On land NE of Bogotá in Columbia.

Rotorua (New Zealand):

38° 9” S - 176° 16” E

On land near Linaris in southern Spain.

Perth (West Australia):

31° 57” S - 115° 52” E

In sea off Bermuda Island.

Kampala (Uganda):

0° 20” N - 32° 30” E

NE of Maiden Island in central Pacific Ocean.

Volgograd (Russia):

48° 40” N - 44° 25” E

In deep south Pacific Ocean.




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