Binary clusters and prime numbers leave powerful signatures.









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*RA stands for Re’eh Adonay - “friend of the Lord” (John 15:14-16). It is the best qualification.



“Life is what happens to you when you’re very busy making other plans.” So sang the late, great John Lennon.

A new web site FIMIOL.COM has been created. It features my first PDF/EPUB e-Book called “The Narrator And The Logos.” It is free and available for download now. The next e-Book will enlarge on its message and content.

FIMIOL Photographics    Proud Publisher of the Lord’s Family Album - By Appointment

FIMIOL Photographics specialises in personal energies.

View a short video of the creation of Adam and his wedding to Chav-vah. My new web site will host all my eBooks and academic papers.

Why Is FIMIOL Photographics Coding Safe?

Everyone who downloads an e-book has the right to know that it will be safe to open and pose no threat to the computer. All FIMIOL Photographics e-books are digitally signed with a Comodo Authenticode time stamp, giving each download reassuring security.

If a warning message arises saying the publisher is unknown, then immediately discard the file and inform FIMIOL Photographics. It has possibly been tampered with by a third party.

Just as the author was chosen to prepare the FIMIOL photographs for publication, he was also selected to write much of the JavaScript coding in his calculators. This he has been doing since 2000.

While he has had to make adjustments for HTML5 and CSS3, he has not changed his style of JavaScript which has produced such excellent results. For example, he does not use the standard DOM model, although some imported scripts may feature it. Nor does he use ‘strict code’.

Only when producing reports for copying and pasting to external text documents does he employ getElementById. Why not throughout all functions? The reason is simple. It throws up errors.

For more than a few years he used a prime number tester written by Ben Joffe featuring getElementById and was continually frustrated by a 7-digit number factorising into two 4-digit prime factors, then classifying itself as though it had no prime factors at all. So a range 5 number became range 10 and when dealing with weather data this may create a false impression. If one of the factors had three digits while the other four, there was no problem.

Experimenting with another script which does not involve getElementById resolved that issue.

With creation energies, prime numbers have to be broken down till the largest factor is no higher than 619. This usually involves up to eight, rarely more, levels of sub primes. Conflicts also arose with Ben Joffe’s amazing script when seventeen different prime number testers were featured on one page to cover the eight levels. No such problem has manifested with the new script.

Furthermore, David Esperalta’s HTML Compiler is designed to prevent text on a page being highlighted for copying and pasting. Yet unless one is prepared to manually type in twice each prime factor to be offset and tested, highlighting cannot be done from a string produced using getElementById. However, text fields do allow this.

Consequently, it is therefore a no-brainer to exclude getElementById from all functions involving mathematical calculations. This ensures that the information produced in the reports or on screen is accurate.

The present writer will continue to ignore ‘strict code’, console.log and the document object model, employing instead ‘0, eval’ and ‘df’ in function calls [e.g. addTotal(df)] and

Modern JavaScript is designed for interacting with servers. However, there is absolutely no requirement for this with any of his many Creation Energy calculators.

Incidentally, he has never taught himself to write cookies and sees no need for them. Nor does he have any idea of how to script malware. He was chosen for this reason since behind all malware are very dark and sinister forces. Sadly they exist and anti-virus and anti-malware software is a pre-requisite for modern computing. Full marks to Microsoft for developing Authenticode signing.

Comodo offers a free antivirus software download for virus removal.