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* taught faith as a set of abilities which one carries out in the presence of the Father, like calming wind, relocating mountains, healing the sick and raising the dead. In other words, faith makes things happen, expressed in the true meaning of ehyeh asher ehyeh (Exodus 3:14).

* was transfigured in the presence of Mosheh and Eliyahuw on Mt Hermon on Monday, June 27, 29 CE (26 Siwan).

* instituted the land-based Body and Blood Covenant Meal in the presence of circumcised-only males, using Genesis, chapters 12, 17 and 22, as its basis.

* was crucified fully naked on Friday, April 7, 30 CE and died at 14:42 HR or 2:42 PM at Gordon’s Calvary north of the city walls. Yeruwshalem was shrouded in deep darkness to hide His nudity.

* only died for the circumcised. Those who die intact or not supporting circumcision automatically miss out on eternal life.

* was buried in the Garden Tomb to the west and rose again thirty-six hours later (5:13 a.m.) just before sunrise. There was no descent into Gehenna to announce good news to any spirits in prison. According to John 10:17-18, He resurrected Himself and was fully and completely engaged in trans-forming His body back to being the Lamb of Eluhiym whom He was before conception.

* was naked when He confronted Mirya of Magdala, according to the FIMIOL photograph of His resur-rection, which also matches the Garden Tomb with the crucifixion occurring at Gordon’s Calvary.

* ensured that His trial, crucifixion, burial and resurrection all took place before the true Sabbath arrived in the light of the correct weekday sequence of Genesis 1-2 and Exodus 16. His appearance to His students on the first day of the week at evening occurred at the onset of the true Sabbath. Thomas appeared eight days later, after the true Shabbat was over.

* ascended back into Heaven from the eastern side of Mount Tabor at 18:12 HR or 6:12 PM on Friday, May 19, 30 CE.

* reigns from a distant Heaven well beyond this universe, and is seated above and surrounded by the Twenty-Four Thrones in its Temple with the Time Room down below. The ability of the Seventh Dimension to fold space and time always permits Him be close to this planet and its inhabitants.

* holds judgement every three days. Yohannan the Dipper and his parents were sent to the Dark Pit upon His return to Heaven after the ascension. Yohannan died an unbeliever. The Spirit of Truth was withdrawn by Yahuw’ah due to his attitude towards Himself in Heaven and Yeshuwa on Earth.

* provided sixteen photographs of Himself with all made visible through the technology of satellite cameras, Google Earth™ and Serif software.

* is not the dispenser of amazing grace, but welcomes into Heaven whomever makes the effort to meet His conditions.

If this Yeshuwa seems unfamiliar, then that is not surprising. He is the “Jesus” whom the apostle Paul rejected in 2 Corinthians 11:4.

Authority: Yeshuwa the Lamb, Yahuw’ah and Yahbeth.

* was transfigured in the presence of Moses and Elijah on Mount Tabor, date unknown.

* instituted a New Covenant in his blood, also a remembrance meal, which entirely replaced the covenant made with Moses and the Israelites at Mt Sinai.

* was crucified on Friday, Nissan 14 in 33 A.D. at the site of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, buried in the carved out tomb in its Church of the Anastasis and raised by God the Father from the dead. A temple to Adonis was built over the site to conceal it.

* is said to have descended into hell or Hades while in the tomb in order to proclaim the good news to those in prison from the time of Noah.

* was crucified on the day before the Sabbath and resurrected on the morning after the Sabbath, although not all agree on this.

* appeared much the same like he was before his arrest and trial with only a few visible injuries in his hands, side and feet. All other wounds were miraculously healed or not sustained.

* ascended from two places, namely, Bethany first, which was apparently a trial run (Luke 24:40), before going back to Mount Olivet for the real deal (Acts 1:12).

* resides in the close heaven, where the twenty-four thrones of Revelation 4:4 are either unknown or not considered important and the heavenly Jerusalem with its pearly gates has the Throne of God near the bottom with no huge mountain behind it. This is identified with the heavenly environment of Near Death Experience reports, which are an influencing factor in all religions. The apostle Paul visited this heaven in Acts 14:19-20 and referred to it in 2 Corinthians 12:2-4 and Hebrews 12:22-24, where he called it Mount Zion.

* is believed to have rewarded John the Baptist with eternal life and made him an important saint in Heaven, perhaps replacing Abraham.

* will return to Earth either to reign for a thousand years or hold judgement at a date known only to the Father, but one which can be calculated by men wise in the knowledge of the Bible and ancient pyramids. So far the correct date has evaded them and the hopes of many dashed.

* never provided any photographs of himself except what cameras have snapped of sanitised, artistic imaginings. Obviously he does not want his true identity known.

* is the dispenser of amazing grace to any wretches out there prepared to commit to Christ.

* never included the new earth called Eden in his gospel of the kingdom of THEOS.

The details of the life and times of Jesus Christ are governed very much by human institutions. Billions believe in and respect him. Yet he is a God-man whose life lacks historical certainty and whose experts on Earth just wish they could provide the proof they so earnestly seek.

For this Marcion the Gnostic bishop of Sinopė is to be thanked, since he revived the letters of Paul and started all the rot. Yet maybe that had to happen.

Authority: OM the Dragon and His two companions (God).

Jesus sends out his disciples - adapted from drawing in Egermeier's Bible Story Book,Warner Press, Anderson, Indiana, 1963, p. 486. El Elyown is the Rider on the White Horse on the slope at Mount Ciynay.

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