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The Narrator and the Logos

#16 Concept - 53 [52 = 2^2 x 13 and 54 = 2 x 3^3 - Binary for 53: 110,101] enables one to look at an object, situation or issue which has been clouded over in the past and see it clearly for the first time like never before. It might also be something more pressing, such as a powerful event affecting the environment, considered by some to be of divine or murky origin. Whatever has been masking it is removed. That which is underneath surfaces.

33. A striving for knowledge and certainty brings this about or else one is engulfed by it. Often the reward is commensurate with the effort put in. The grime and dust of time are swept away. Answers and solutions are found. Wrong or incomplete information is amended and added to the mix when the right kinds of questions are asked.

This energy has a strong educational element, typical of being in a classroom where the teacher switches on the light to illuminate a hazy situation. Yet it is more than just switching on the light. The results of one's endeavours or being in the right place at the right time are visually enhanced by the light. Any knowledge or insight gained may be of an excellent quality. And with so many enlightening things happening, one may only experience events for a short while allowing others to manifest later.

Of course, not everything revealed is to one's liking. Chaos could prevail. One may be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Here the ugly truth can also manifest and does so in a powerful way, which is not what people want to see, hear, experience and realise. Peripheral elements, including Mother Nature, play a role too. Dangers lurk out there. A sense of urgency may be seen in whatever transpires, arousing excitement and fear and affecting many. Again one might feel surrounded by activity. The reality is that life presents a mix- ture of both good and bad situations and on the day this energy may be among those lying behind them. [R1111].

This profile was written over two years before the Nativity calendar calculator was created during early 2014. Such pro-files are prepared according to very strict rules based upon the narratives in Genesis 1-2 and the behaviour of the numbers 0-7 in binary. This one comes up quite frequently, so has been well tested.

Detailing these, though, is well beyond the scope of this essay, as are the dates for the canonical Gospels earlier. Suffice to say that nothing much more than the Creators' appearances occurred on that day where They consulted together (#61) yet acted independently (#79).

34. On the following five days the creation events were choreographed without any magical wand being waved.

Everything had been prepared well in advanced. Furthermore this planet is now on its ninth mission. So it has been done before. Dinosaurs existed during earlier missions and became extinct as a result of previous unrecorded disasters.

35. The planet itself is 4.5 billion years old. However, the notion of ice ages can be explained away by the planet having different polar axes. The sun is just too hot to permit current theories, no matter how far one goes back in time.

Yeshuwa The Creator Lamb

This is Yeshuwa, the Lamb of Eluw’hiym whom the sholech (“sent one”) Yohannan called “the beginning (source) of the creation of Eluhiym” (Rev. 3:14). That process took about a million years some 13.4 billion years ago, according to His own witness. There are many appearances of Him on landscapes as the Lamb, a form He chose for Himself. He has yellow eyes.

HaOmer also encompasses the results of the later choreographed activity and together the narrative text is 'imrah. Cause and effect cannot be separated from the Speaker.

Eating stewed, roasted or barbecued lamb is a symbolic reminder that He is the primary Creator. Lamb is a meat full of flavour.

Above is a FIMIOL of Yeshuwa at Netserah (Nazareth) as a young man undergoing training by the community of the Qumran Scrolls to be its anointed king of the Jews. Behind Him is a mirror, not solar disc. Contrary to some ancient traditions He never married Mirya from Magdala, who was eight years His senior.

At the time He was unaware that His kingdom was not of this world (John 18:36).