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These bring electricity down every street and into every home. Each area involves its own expertise, manpower and equipment. Auto-mobiles, trucks, diggers, self-operating lifts, cranes and safety gear are all required to facilitate this mighty infrastructure. And a user pay policy implies a world of banks, finance, business and commerce, much of it computer and branch driven.

The curtains made of polyester provide privacy and protection from bright sunlight, while the sheets and blankets reflect the cotton, polyester and woollen industries. Inner springs keep the mattress firm and comfortable while the bed itself, made of steel, reflects metal fabrication.

On the floor beneath his feet is an old piece of carpet atop a wooden panel which opens up into a small mouldy cellar. Despite the cracks, the floor around it is made of reinforced concrete. The doorway and large window dividing the shed are remnants from extensions made inside the author's own home by builders.

Next the glasses which the author is wearing have expensive transition, multifocal lenses. Eye care is an industry in itself. Prescriptions are sent interstate by air to be filled out and shipped back. Those he is wearing were purchased in December 2013, nearly four years later than the copyright notice on the Google Earth 3-D mapping image.

19. Finally, the thick timber boards forming the interior walls are products of forestry, saw mills and transport. Behind them is insulation foil, pointing to the mining of bauxite and smelters to recover aluminium. The paint on the timbers reflects that particular industry and the products and science of chemistry.

Walking outside, the metal fabricated shed sits at the back of a brick veneer home along a main bitumen thoroughfare serviced by buses and general traffic. Reynella East College is just around the corner. Google the location.

Shops are about a mile away and the suburb is part of a fairly large metropolis called Adelaide, the capital of South Australia.

For homes and businesses to be built so far south required the organised developing of housing and industrial estates overseen by local and state governments. Before that, the land was used mainly for agricultural purposes and prior to European settlement it was Kaurna aboriginal land.

Yet it did not happen overnight. No developments take place without the involvement of people - generations of them - each with their own path in life, eking out livings and study-ing to earn qualifications to create the great cities which the world enjoys.

20. All this is from one FIMIOL photographic study. In the FIMIOL of his wife of thirty-eight years on the previous page and below can be seen a 40-inch Dick Smith brand television purchased online for $348 and an entertainment unit bought for $140 from Le Cornu's massive store at Mile End, near the Adelaide CBD.

The television is showing a live image which looks like a beach or outdoor scene of some sort.  Above it is a complex shaped mirror and dual action air conditioner. Reflected in the mirror is a ceiling fan. These are modern innovations.

21. Overleaf is a recent photo equivalent of the FIMIOL, yet without the TV set on. Observe that the bird cage art had been swapped around. In terms of monetary value, none of this is worth very much. Yet to appear on the Garden of Eden landscape, it has extraordinary provenance.

Like radio stations, the television channels rely upon local and overseas media content involving scheduling, movie making, cameras, actors, journalists and celebrities, news, current affairs, sport, cosmetics and recreation as well as satellite and cable services – all industries in their own right.

22. Each one is predicted by the FIMIOL photograph and embedded in the original creation narrative in Genesis 1-2.

On the next three pages are magnified images of her FIMIOL. How one could think this is Pareidolia is difficult to comprehend.