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The Narrator and the Logos

Guests were present at that wedding and these have been identified too. They will be published shortly in his eBooks. Naturally many animals, birds, reptiles and aquatic creatures have been recognised and defined as well, all in keeping with the Creation narratives of Genesis 1-2.

Australian Content

Not all are on the same layer, though, with many super-imposed over others. It is important to understand this in view of what is to follow.

As a complete surprise the same mapping image holding most of the above photographic studies has strong Australian content. One might well ask why an eastern Turkish landscape in the northern hemisphere reveals images of a kangaroo and emu, an aborigine on Adam's right cheek, a platypus, great white shark, fur seal, crocodile, turtle, whale and so forth.

While these are not all exclusively Australian, there does appear to be an Australian element to the creative 'imrah in Genesis which is not evident in the written text.

7. Here the emu is visible to the right and the kangaroo with a joey in her pouch to the left of the newly created Adam. On his right cheek the aborigine or indigenous Australian is visible. Observe the imagery dates on this Google Earth 3-D mapping image, that is, “October 28 - Nov 15, 2002.”

8. So what is upsetting the emu and kangaroo? And why has the aborigine's head been placed in Adam's right eye? Is he the apple of Yeshuwa's eye instead? Adam was created intact by Yahuw'ah. The indigenous Australian will later be known for his circumcision and dedication to Dream Time law.

The emu and kangaroo holding a shield representing the Australian states may be seen on the back of every fifty cent coin. Here one could not find a more definitive connection with Australia. This country evidently belongs to the sub strata of the Creation speeches or utterances in Genesis 1-2.

9. In the image below the FIMIOL lines of Adam's face have been removed, leaving the aborigine standing alone between the emu and kangaroo.

In the final image (next page) he reveals quite distinctive features. Until northern Europeans arrived in his country, his people generally wore no clothes.

Other FIMIOL photographs strongly suggest that Yeshuwa made a perpetual covenant with indigenous Australians in many ways similar to that which Yahuw’ah made with Abraham.

Logically they are “the sheep not of this fold” (John 10:16) and He is protective of them. While those who misunderstand them mistreat them, genocide or total assimilation will never succeed.

10. It is important to bear in mind that whenever Elohiym make a covenant with men, only They can rescind it. No such notice has ever been given of any one of Their covenants being made null and void by either Yahuw’ah or Yeshuwa.

While most covenants are witnessed and recorded in writing, only the FIMIOL photographs can establish the one made with Australian aborigines.

There is even a FIMIOL of a dark-skinned Lamb of Elohiym. In a future publication names, dates and locations will be provided.

For the record, in ‘Thrones speak’ Australia is a ‘17/18’ entity. The TV is a good example of this and well demonstrated by Gene Wilder (1971) and Johnny Depp’s (2005) discerning character in Willy Wonka and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Audiovisual signals are transmitted from studios and received by antenna in a distant location and displayed on tuned-in TVs everywhere within range. “Distribution” and “everywhere” are key themes of this module with its word and concept lists. This means that people come to and want to invest in it, because they perceive Australia is a lucky country.

Since Captain James Cook RN discovered and claimed her for Britain in 1770 and in 1788 began colonisation and super-imposing British culture over her indigenous ones, no country has successfully invaded her. William Dampier (1651-1715) came earlier, but left.