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Yeshuwa and Yohannan, the Eliyahuw look-alike with Tor the Dove, one of the Seven Spirits of Eluhiym, sitting on Yeshuwa’s left shoulder. Observe the polar bear image on Tor’s breast. He is Yeshuwa’s main protector against the Dragon OM and is also in charge of Time. Yohannan is a saint only in a fictitious heaven. Unlike Eliyahuw (Elijah) he was, in fact, sent to the Lake of Fire in 30 CE for his final unbelief.

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These web pages and e-Books present a new paradigm or way at looking at life and the world.

Once experienced there is no going back, since everything is real with nothing imagined.

General Background Articles

Yeshuwa, the Dove Tor and Yohannan the Dipper at the Lord's baptism on January 13, 27 CE.



What Is Required To Understand The Apostle Paul -  I and  II

This article lists many of the issues defining the apostle Paul. He had little respect for the teachings of Yeshuwa the Anointed or the Twelve.

Yeshuwa Is Not Jesus

There are unmistakable differences between the two, considering Jesus is a fictional character invented by Paul a decade after the Gospels of Matthew and John were written.

Contrasts Between Yeshuwa And Jesus -  I and  II

For printing purposes, one long page is for Yeshuwa, the other for Jesus.

The Power of Paul’s Pen (last page in the series)

What Is FIMIOL Photography -  I,  II,  III,  IV,  IVa,  V and  VI

(article with seven pages, including a close up example of the seven horns on Yeshuwa - IVa. FIMIOLs are now one of two types of faded images)

Q318 Examples -  I,  II,  III,  IV and  V

 (these five pages reveal how the mother of Yeshuwa’s birth signature in Revelation 12:1 is dated, as well as Yohannan the Dipper and Yeshuwa Himself by this living system.)

Why the Nudity -  I and  II

(two page explanation with a FIMIOL photograph of Yeshuwa at Netserah, that is, Nazareth)

Why Non Religious (one page only)

Yeshuwa’s Nemesis -  I and  II

(a look at the cause of trouble in Iraq and Syria)

Yeshuwa At Netserah -  I and  II

(features detailed and enlarged FIMIOL photographs of Him as a young man)

The Blight Of Imagination -  I,  II and  III

(three pages discouraging over active imaginations)

The Purpose of Yeshuwa’s Death and Resurrection -  I and  II

Mortal Remains Not Required For Resurrection -  I,  II and  III

Working With Yeshuwa and Yahuw’ah -  I,  II, III, IV, V and  VI

(Contains new content informing readers of the roller-coaster ride awaiting them when they engage with the Creators Who give life its true meaning.)