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The Narrator and the Logos

11. Japan tried in 1942-3, yet failed to gain a foothold. So she invaded her with great electronic devices and motor vehicles instead and still does. Indonesia to the north has on occasion been perceived as a threat, yet has never made an attempt to invade. She is a good neighbour and was influential in making Australia a part of South East Asia.

This country has a multi-cultural society and welcomes investment and all those people who visit here with a good heart. Her citizens have already come from nations around the world and established families here. They enrich her culture. China, Japan, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan and Indonesia are great trading partners. It is the way things should be.

South Australians

The Australian connection is indelibly printed on the Garden of Eden landscape. Furthermore between the emu and kanga-roo and below the Australian aboriginal lookalike is a photographic study of the present author, aged sixty-five, sitting on his bed in just his boxer shorts and looking none too pretty.

As if that is not startling enough, his fully clothed wife looms larger in another scene to his right. She is standing before a live television set situated on a sold timber entertainment unit.  Both were purchased in June 2014.

Yet the satellite images are dated October-November 2002 and the mapping image has a copyright year of 2010. Here, then, is a mental challenge or two. How can one photograph people and objects belonging to the future, let alone impress them on a distant landscape without anyone knowing?

In another photographic study is a twenty-first century politician standing in front of a presumably electric-powered loco-motive.

All in all there are at least sixteen images of living South Australians on the Garden of Eden landscape, each known to this author. Most are members of his extended family, including children and grandchildren.

12. Perhaps now is the time to put the Genesis narratives back under the international spotlight. Once all the FIMIOLs are published, their historical accuracy will be demonstrated beyond all reasonable doubt. Except among die-hards, talk of Genesis containing myths and legends will soon dissipate.

Regarding South Australia, it is the driest state on the Australian continent and relies upon waters from the Murray-Darling river system for its needs, although winter rainfall tends to help fill its dams. The state was first settled in 1836 by free settlers. Later there was an influx of Lutherans and other confessions escaping persecution in Europe.

This floral display was created by ex-service women at Port Augusta for her 1969 Poinsettia pageant.

It is also a state for innovation. The late Sir Mark Oliphant was on the team which invented the atomic bomb. Dr. Howard Florey helped discover penicillin. South Australia was the first Australian state to give suffrage (the vote) to women and is a leader in consumer rights.

14. Next to the new Royal Adelaide Hospital is a state of the art bio-medical research centre for innovation. One can expect great discoveries to occur there.

On the basis of the photographic studies so far discerned, this state appears to be undeniably important in the minds of the Creator Elohiym.

Significance Of Each Setting

Now in publishing the author's FIMIOL portrait the reader is asked to focus not on that forlorn figure, but examine its immediate setting while keeping in mind the totality of the “let there be” commands in Genesis One. As a matter of formality he had no idea of its existence or that of his wife, family, friends and acquaintances until June 2015.

On the previous page is the full scene. The lines on the original, untouched, layered mapping image are 0.1 pixel thick and required up to 5000% magnification to be put into place.