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The Narrator and the Logos

Observe the books next to his pillow, the newspapers under the clock radio and the box of books on the shelf. The one at the top of the box is a textbook on Pitman's Shorthand. He is sitting on a mattress with fitted sheets, blankets and a latex memory pillow. Behind him is a rod and curtain concealing a louvre window.

15. Now this is a modern photograph of much the same scene, but with minor differences.

16. Next to that is the base of a bunk bed with a couple of boards missing and an electric lamp attached. In the background are walls made of one-inch thick timbers rescued in the early 1980s from renovations within Elders Pastoral in Currie Street, Adelaide, where he worked in its head office computer systems department.

Few would know that this scene belongs to the northern half of a tin shed. The original photo was taken near the inside doorway which leads to the author's study and work area.

So what kind of picture, if any, is developing in the reader's mind? This might sound crazy and one would be forgiven for thinking so. Yet is it reasonable to conclude that ha-Imrah not only commences creation, but it also entails everything from start to finish, similar to the reality suggested by the prophet Yisheyahuw (Isaiah)? It accomplishes so much more throughout time.

If this is the case, then not only does the act of Creation involve highly advanced technologies puzzling to the human mind,

17. It evidently predicts every technological advance to be made on this planet by its human inhabitants until the final day.

Not that these future innovations are yet visible on the landscape, Yet might one assume from the rapid advances of the past century or so that this will continue into the future?

For example, will the world see the development of a vehicle which can travel instantly from one place to another, like those which appeared regularly during the 1603 BCE Exodus from Egypt to disperse manna from Heaven (Psalm 68:18)? What about gravity mechanisms for super-terrestrial occupancy or regeneration software for the human body?

It is no coincidence that knowledge of the sixteen FIMIOL photographs of South Australians only became available nine months after the date of the original scenes involving the author and his wife. So Elohiym even had this essay in mind as well as the audience which reads it.

The final day, incidentally, lies well into the future. Evidently everything has been visually recorded in the predetermined plans for this planet's current existence. Until all is accomplished the Law or Towrah technically remains unfulfilled.

Symbolism Of The Setting

To take this a little further, the presence of books, including Hebrew and Greek grammars, an Interlinear Greek-English New Testament, let alone school text books in the box on the shelf all predict the modern world of schools, teaching, scholarship, language studies, printing and libraries, for which there are long traditions.

The newspapers under the clock radio demonstrate wider and more advanced forms of communication, including advertising to sell goods and services and raise revenue. Pitman's Shorthand was once used by office secretaries to manually record spoken words. Now this is being taken over by speech recognition software, like Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking.TM

18. That little clock radio tells local time in relation to GMT or UT (Universal Time). Time is measured globally. When the radio is switched on, it reveals a plethora of information, breaking news, interviews, music and entertainment gleaned from all around the world. Radio stations transmit on the amplitude modulation (AM) and frequency modulation (FM) bands.

Electricity runs that radio, as it does the bed lamp attached to the bunk, along with the lights, fans, computers, printer, modem, router and chargers in the office. For this to happen power stations and generators had to be invented, developed and built, together with transmission networks comprising towers, poles and power lines, substations and transformers.