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The Narrator and the Logos

This Heaven occupies the Eighth Dimension well beyond the boundaries of this universe. The ‘Heaven’ experienced by NDE survivors within the light at the end of the tunnel belongs to the Seventh. It is full of deception. Yet the schizophrenic mind which comprehends it cannot see this.

From this temple the Creator Eluhiym reign with amazing management systems. However, only Satan can enter through However, only Satan can enter through the corner doors due to His small stature.

42. The other two require the Vision windows be opened. These rule by other means.

The Father's kingdom comes to men whenever man opens up and embraces these automated systems, which all function with spiritual energies. And until the good news of these systems is taught worldwide, the end will always be “not yet” (Matt. 24:14). Setting a date without taking this into consideration, even if it were possible, would invariably be wrong.

'Imrah, then, is not just the schedule of choreographed Creation events, but also the sum of all technological advances to follow, along with the comprehension of the secret energies which run all life. Now is not the time to look up at the clouds waiting for the Son of Man to burst through. A huge job lies ahead.

The Present And The Future

Basically all the present author is doing is reviving the work which Yeshuwa began with His own students using parables and other devices, but was lost during the Roman persecution and ascendancy of Pauline Christianity.

43. See Matthew 13:35. “So that what was spoken by the prophet might be fulfilled, saying, 'I will open My mouth in parables. I will utter things hidden since the foundations of the world'” (Psalm 78:2).

Here έρεύξομαι, future active tense of έρεύγομαι and translated as “I will utter things” reflects the pouring forth meaning of 'amar and 'imrah. It is not just a spoken word, but comes with a lot of collateral, as though belched out.

Longitudinally Adelaide lies at 138 E and 36 S. This makes it easier to research daily energies, since changeover from one 24-hour period to the next takes place late in the evening just before 10:22 p.m. (11:22 DST). Sufficent time is left over to see the new day’s energies unfolding and not confuse the 24-hour period with calendar days.

Similar to the Qumran Scrolls there are other scrolls yet to be discovered, which will excite scholars and advance the cause of humanity to achieve the imrahic goals set from the beginning. That discovery lies in the future when safe to do so.

It is enough for now to define and publish the FIMIOL photographs and secrets of Creation revealing the intimate involvement of Eluhiym in the affairs of this world. Here nothing happens which has not already been rehearsed around 63000 years ago and earlier. Indeed there is nothing new under the sun.

Even one’s final destiny is known. Yet such information is not normally given to men. One must first wait until after departing this life.

The reason for the “judge not and you will not be judged” in Matthew 7:1 is due to this. The ones who judge are more likely to be judged, since those who negatively criticise others are often talking about themselves. Yet there is always room for constructive criticism, since it frequently leads to clearer thinking and greater creativity.

44. Everything, then, happens logically with nothing left to chance or coincidence. Whatever one thinks, feels, believes, says and does has already been factored in, Human and creature encounters have been predetermined down to specific times and places, including the interactions which occur between them on a minute by minute basis.

Special or intimate relationship are not defined by the stars as it seems. If readers were to use the FIMIOL energy calculators, they might find this notion of mechanistic determinism plausible or even factual. In the end the human soul is a machine like any other, designed to perform a certain way.