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The Narrator and the Logos

23. Naturally some will try to locate the television program or commercial featured on screen.

25. Observe the solar hot water system on the roof, the carport and stairs to the front door. These reflect the home building industry.

In the top right hand plate is the recognisable face of a colleague. In the full FIMIOL he is holding his cat.

On the next page what appears to look like a politician standing in front of an electric-powered train opens up the world of politics and parliamentary democracy, similarly pre-figured from the beginning.

27. If she is an elected member of parliament, then she was not voted in nor the locomotive and rail network manufactured back in 2002 when the satellite cameras photographed the eastern Turkish landscape.

Should her identity be verified, then the FIMIOL makes a very powerful and positive statement, besides indicating that she is an attractive VIP.

The reality of women in politics was ordained by the Creators from the beginning. They can be legitimate voices for the people. Furthermore they have as much right as men to exercise the executive decisions of government and serve as ministers with portfolios, even becoming prime or chief ministers, including presidents.

Evidently parliamentary democracy did not begin with the Greeks, but was designed as a useful, even preferred, form of governance for nation states, all protests aside. Naturally it is not meant to endorse forms of immorality introduced by Fifth Column activists, since that amounts to an abuse of its proper function. Democracy is meant to be more than the rule of the people. Heaven has a hand and say in it too, as the message of the FIMIOL seems to indicate.

Cameras were logically invented there for such photographic studies to be detected and defined on landscapes within satellite mapping images. Like democracy and a wide range of other phenomena, they were recently rediscovered. So how brilliant is man? Well, They let him have the glory, just to keep him happy. And so the history books record his Eureka moments.

A Materialistic World To Enjoy

Clearly the Creators had a materialistic world in mind, one which involves all kinds of industries from cottage to heavy with innovation and technology at their centre. So materialism is an important part of life and has been from the start. It creates employment and purpose through all sectors of the economy, from primary production to government.

28. Furthermore humanity is not only permitted to innovate, but also to share in and enjoy its products and benefits. Should a person seek to have the latest gadget, device, boat, auto-mobile or white goods, then so be it.

Such a world may be perceived as a good place. Materialism and wealth only become problems when mammon rules or it becomes an end in itself. Ethically acquired wealth can be a blessing. People use the latest technology to be more efficient.

Religions might criticise materialism. However, among the sixteen South Australians on the landscape none are overtly religious. Many are anti-religious, yet have their FIMIOLs added to the Garden of Eden gallery. To date, no photographic study of any spiritual leader of any faith has been discovered.

So what does this say about the role of religion if it is so im- portant for each to embark upon world domination by erecting sacred edifices and engaging in violence and bullying in order to achieve its supposed goals. Who really is behind it?

Whichever way one looks at these studies, it soon becomes clear that the Genesis creation narratives are not mythical. They embody the whole of human existence from the first to the last day. This is inherent in the word 'imrah spoken by the Creator when Eluw’hiym said, Let there be ...” and consciously so.

‘Imrah is not just a spoken word or utterance. It possesses dynamics which, like dabar, once launched onto the plane of history fulfils its objectives by accomplishing what was originally intended for it. There are plenty of examples to illustrate this.