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The Narrator and the Logos

36. That would be revealed to Him only after Satan transported Him to the Heavenly Yeruwshalem after spending forty days and nights in the Ciynay wilderness, to where Eliyahuw (Elijah) had gone (1 Kings 19).

This area had previously experienced a lot of UFO traffic with the 20,000 flying chariots of Psalm 68:17(18). “The chariots of Eluw’hiym are myriads, thousands upon thousands. Adonay is among them as at Ciynay (Sinai) in the holy place.”

That the sons of Yisra’el and their livestock had plenty of water to drink during their sojourn is due to the presence of Eluw’hiym (Ps. 68:8-9). There the atmosphere would have been quite tropical. Long sloping terrain created the need to strike the rock at Rephidiym (Exodus 17:1-8).

Yahuw'ah The Creator And Surgeon

In Genesis 2-3 Yahuw'ah is the speaker. Whatever He initiated also had results and is inseparable from Him.

On the question of marriage His Presence is required too, not just for life itself, but for the creation of new life, and only a man and woman are permitted to wed. Anything else is not marriage.

The image overleaf is Yahuw'ah of Eluhiym, the Creator in Genesis 2-3. He is sitting upon His small Throne with room for the Lamb of Eluhiym next to Him and is one of two within the mapping image. Looking His way is the kangaroo.

The Hebrew letter He on the end of the Tetragrammaton is a consonant, similar to that in Eluw'ah. He is also known as El and combinations such as El Elyon and El Shadday. Yahuw- may be seen in many name combinations, such as Eliyahuw and Abiyahuw. -Yah is is a suffix in many names as well, like halleluyah.

To call Him “the LORD God” is a misconception, since God comprises only three of the thirteen individual Eluw’ah. He/They are only interested in human beings worshipping Them. As this essay wants to make clear in the strongest possible terms, the Creator Eluhiym are into innovation and making the world an advanced place. They want people to work with Them.

38. God on the other hand is a bully and spoiler who will do anything to divide families, communities and nations by using religion and imaginative theories while fostering false hopes.

He/They attract bullies to express Their will. Once established faiths are divided and the opposing factions then strive against each other, not realising that they are pawns in a higher game. The Creator Eluhiym do not operate this way. All ten of Them want human minds to think and create wonderful things, reflecting Their own abilities.

So Yahuw’ah’s name is not God, Gott, Deus, Dieu, or that of any religious deity. Furthermore He prefers to be addressed by His name and is the “our Father in the Heavens” of Matt. 6:9. If one is not praying to Him, then to whom is one praying?

He also has male pattern baldness to remind every thin-haired man that he was created by Him and has no need to feel embarrassed in the presence of a full headed man, who, in turn, may wonder why he still has so much hair. Half their luck!

There are many other studies of Yahuw'ah on the landscapes of this planet. In the FIMIOL overleaf, where He appears in muscle dimension, He is in the middle of removing and replacing Adam's right T6 rib. Observe that He has a scalpel in His right hand.

While far from a modern operating theatre, Genesis 2:21 has a photographic record of the first ever surgical operation. A few hours later Adam was woken up, the wound healed completely. He then married Chav-vah and both became the parents of the human race. Adam was dark-skinned. She was fair skinned.

No longer may the notion of imago Dei now focus upon righteousness, since Adam was created intact and he certainly never was.

Observe that after his and Chav-vah's creation in Genesis 1:27 there is no conspicuous statement declaring “Eluhiym saw that it was good”, like in verse 25. The comment at the end of the chapter refers to everything created on the sixth day.