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At this stage there are three menu pages. One may follow the links from here, the left column or the menu above. Not everyone has JavaScript activated and these pages are all written and compiled using Serif’s Web Plus X8 legacy software. Longer explanations are given below.

General Background Articles: These will assist with understanding what FIMIOLs and FINATSes are and how they are game-changers.

Crime Scene Articles: Not only do they point to a solution, but they provide an historical perspective which has disturbing ramifications. Enjoy the hunt for clues.

Science-Focused Articles: The Creators, as opposed to God, are very much into the knowledge of innovation where imagination plays a minimal role. Here the visitor is also introduced to the planet Eden.


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When the present writer first began publishing FIMIOL photographs and associated articles on this web site, little did he know to where they were leading.

Background information was naturally needed to explain what FIMIOLs are and FINATSes. Yet there appeared to be another agenda lying in wait. The Creator Eluhiym do not reveal everything at once. Like a pioneering explorer, new territory is discovered stage by stage where one horizon leads to another. This is Their modus operandi too.

In December 2016 that agenda became very obvious. It was to reveal the sacred Scriptures of the Judeo-Christian religions as a crime scene.

Not only had the apostle Paul been found to have undergone several years of training in Mahayana Buddhist philosophy and meditation, but the Law and the Prophets had also been treated with disdain by the ancestors of the Sadducees and Pharisees.

Why did both Yohannan the Dipper (John the Baptist) and Yeshuwa (not Jesus) call them offspring of vipers without directly explaining why? Those are very powerful words. The reasons why would soon be forthcoming.

Clearly the apostle Paul remained haunted by his past. Like his Pharisaic peers he was strongly influenced by the monotheistic, inter-testamental literature, especially the Pseudepigrapha. Later he would write his own with First Peter and Jude.

His ‘body’ theology originated with the Trikaya which speaks of the body of essence, body of transformation and body of communal bliss, all frequent themes in his epistles. The doctrine of Karma is expressed in Galatians 6:7-8 and based upon a false understanding of flesh and spirit and Matthew 12:7.

Many who sow to the Spirit (which spirit?) do not reap eternal life and at least two of his works of the flesh in Galatians 5 are actually fruits of the spirit (anger and jealousy). Most behaviour proceeds out of the heart anyway (Matthew 15:19-20).

A crime scene is usually a place where an immoral act or some evil, like a murder, has been committed after some spiritual planning (“out of the heart”). Mystery novels and television shows abound with police, detectives and sleuths trying to crack the whodunit.

Forensic investigations are carried out with questions asked to determine probable cause, motive and manner of the crime, so that the culprits can be arrested, taken into custody, charged and tried in a court of law.

The Crime Scene Articles, however, are merely introductions to establish the plausibility that a crime(s) has been committed and to lay out its brief. Fuller forensic examinations will be provided in a series of e-Books in coming years, although not a few articles here are quite detailed.

Suffice to say there are very sound and logical reasons on a number of fronts to call for not just a new translation of the Bible, but a reconstruction of the original narratives. It is that serious. The present writer will do this, since he has direct connections to the most powerful participants.

The Science-Based Articles demonstrate the existence of an interface between the spiritual realms and material world. Here one will also be introduced to life on planet Eden, the new Earth under a different sky of 2 Peter 3:13 and foretold in Isaiah 65-66. It is not just another planet, but one where the Kingdom of Eluhiym dwells with all that it entails. It forms an integral part of the petition “Your kingdom come” in Matthew 6:10.

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