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The Narrator and the Logos

All has been recorded and is monitored as the original archives play out each second of every day. There is literally nowhere that one can hide from Their all-seeing eyes (Psalm 139:1-6), which also witness their misdeeds and acts of kindness.

Wars are pre-empted too, including the manufacture of weap-ons and ordinance to use in fighting and killing. Science and religion are one on the battlefield. In many instances it is the taxpayer who finances war, while big business profits from it.

Even sexual intercourse between a man and woman is monitored, since Their Presence is required for the creation of human life (Gen. 4:1). However, They have no interest in what same sex couples do. Of course, God is interested in both and encourages dominance and self-gratification.

Rather than inventing new things, the minds of innovating men and women are seeded first by the Creators, who then manipulate them to get the required results, regardless of their race, creed, colour or beliefs.

The more complex the innovative advances become, the more they reflect the complex minds of the Creator Eluw’hiym Themselves. In this sense man co-operates and even co-creates with Eluhiym. Ask any woman who has become pregnant. Like Chav-vah said, “I have gotten a man with Yahuw’ah” (Gen. 4:1). That maxim still applies, even with IVF.

45. Weather Central

It may come as a surprise to many, but God does not create the weather. That is brought about by Yahuw’ah, Yeshuwa and the Spirit of Eluhiym, as distinct from the Holy Spirit.

When man rejects These in favour of God, then a reaction often follows, since They hear everything that is said. Usually it comes in the form of extreme and/or un seasonal weather events causing destruction by fierce winds, flooding rains and out of control fires, yet not limited to these. Such are called Jonah storms. They are not “acts of God”

Politicians would benefit insurance policy holders by removing “act of God” from all insurance legislation and replacing it with a neutral phrase or “act of Eluhiym”. Such legislation should also be retrospective, since insurance companies are bound by legislation and might not otherwise choose to pay out claims.

When FIMIOL photographs of God are published, then one will understand why He/They are incapable of creating weather.

This is done from Weather Central, a very fast-spinning energy wheel made up of 32 triangles hovering over Yeruwshalem in Israel. Its reach extends to Capernaum, where Yeshuwa trained as the Anointed Messiah and from where He conducted His ministry until expelled for being too controversial.

The planet is divided into 32 segments, each extending from the Arctic Circle to Antarctica and linked to Weather Central. Storm latitude and longitude are determined by sector and where in the triangle the coloured weather energies are injected.

Angle of penetration determines whether it is the northern or southern hemisphere. If Yeshuwa comes in from the right side, then the event will develop in the northern hemisphere. From the left side the southern hemisphere receives the instructions.

A high pressure cell can become stationary by injecting them vertically following other activity in that hemisphere. All weather is pre-planned, yet not necessarily fully understood by meteorologists with their super computers.

46. Conclusion

Having FIMIOL photographs of both scriptural events and its main characters can at the least provide a boost to biblical scholarship. Eventually this will involve moving away from matters theological to eluhiymic.

The Narrator made flesh, who uttered creation into existence from prepared energy structures, is still in full control, no matter what happens. All has been seen before with every outcome envisaged. Important elements of history and the future, it appears, are etched on the surface of planet Earth.

47. This is neither rock nor cave man art. It is eluhiymic prophecy on a grand scale.

In summary, the FIMIOL photographs on the Garden of Eden landscape in eastern Turkey present a much broader message than the texts many believe to be myths with alleged moral value. They clearly focus upon creation and innovation rather than worship.

Add the Australian and South Australian elements and it becomes clear that the world as it is today is part of the original intent of the 'imrath of Genesis 1-2. Yet there is still a long way to go and much work to be done, especially in the cause of peace and understanding.