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Over seventy years have passed since the invention of the Enigma machine. Ironically the riddle of the Enigma code was solved by a gay man who, while saving thousands of lives, was imprisoned after the war. A royal pardon was deservedly given to this re-inventor of the computer.

Computers were then used to help put man on the moon in the 1960s and 70s. They were installed in satellites to make them both eyes in the sky and communication carriers. Now their technology has spread around the world where intact and circumcised work together to use it for evil and good.

Looking Back

Abram and Saray belonged to the intact world for another twenty-four years after his first vision in Charan. During this time they made choices based upon what they knew and imagined might be. So his wife told her husband to marry her maidservant Hagar and bear the promised son for her, so that El Shadday’s promise could be fulfilled. And they did.

Like the Voice at Coober Pedy came out of the blue, and more recently the FIMIOL photographs which involved years of hard work preparing them, so the command for Abram to be circumcised in Genesis 17 came out of the blue. Had Melkitsedeq, though, warned him that it was coming? Sarah’s pregnancy later in chapter 21 also came as a surprise to her and Abraham.

By chapter 22 he has divorced Hagar and sent his first-born son away, so that Yitschaq is now his only son, the son of the promise.

After removing his foreskin Abraham was indeed righteous. That was the goal of Genesis 15:6. It was then that the word for love (Hebrew ehab) was first revealed. It has special meaning and was never used with Yishma’el.

Yet if anyone thinks circumcision is merely a sign of the covenant El Provider (Shadday) made with him, then one might want to consider this.

Without circumcision there is no covenant and one cannot claim another’s by faith, since non circumcision voids the covenant (Ezekiel 44:7). In this respect the apostle Paul was one hundred percent wrong.

He had no business re-inventing Abraham and especially making him an example of faith, like so many others (Hebrews 11:8-10 and 17-19). Up in the Heavenly Yeruwshalem Abraham is very influential. Please read the parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man in Luke 16. He does not like being misrepresented by anyone of any religion!

The Punch Line

From 2015 the world can now begin viewing the extensive gallery of photographs taken 63,000 years ago to act as visual prophecies and restore knowledge back to the beginning. The first few chapters of the Hebrew scriptures indeed hold the future of knowledge.

Even crazy ideas can start to make sense once one begins dwelling on them. Being able to think outside the square helps, as does living outside a faith or religion and reflecting back on its absurdities.

The apostle Paul’s writings can be viewed in a new light too. Faith without circumcision is nothing more than a set of beliefs embedded in one’s emotions with no legal basis. One can stay with this or one can take steps to have one’s foreskin removed, or the foreskins of one’s sons and grandsons, and look towards a brighter future with Yahuw’ah and Yeshuwa.

With IRVs and the computers which navigate them now back in the picture, history has come full circle. Without early computers capturing and storing accurate narratives, there would be no Hebrew accounts of creation, Noach’s flood or the later patriarchal period.

The handbook to spiritual energies as binary clusters and prime numbers is embedded in Genesis 1-2. Oral traditions could never capture their rules the way those two chapters do.

Talk of the Bible being a collection of stories passed down orally among wandering Middle Eastern tribes is just plain nonsense and based upon ignorance.

Yes, these did exist, but there was one special tribe, that of Levi, which was given responsibility for preserving these and adding new books to a sacred canon of scripture, unauthorised modifying aside.

In the twenty-first century computers are everywhere again, tasked with software and operating systems like it was always meant to be - but for the sons of Tsadoq, the Sadducees, Pharisees, Christians and their successors.

Did Abraham know what the sons of Tsadoq would do to his narratives and to his best Friend, El Most High? At least he does now and looks forward to his record of events being corrected.

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