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Contacting The Author

When one has a thought-provoking website, it is polite to provide a means of contact.

The challenge is, if one adds an email address, then web crawlers and bots tend to pick it up and its email box becomes full of unwanted emails.

So is there a solution without the need to fill in a lengthy form, select the correct images or type in certain numbers and letters?

Readers can contact the author at FIMIOL Photographics by putting two and two together.

All email addresses require an @ before the domain name. This is found in the URL and starts with fimiol and ends in au.

The name of the addressee appears in the popup window. If one seeks to contact him in good faith, then one will require an email client and type in the full address.

A person of reasonable intelligence should be capable of doing this.

FIMIOL Photographics never uses social media platforms, nor does it intend to publish email content.

However, one might have a question to ask and that is fair enough. Click here for the name of the addressee. Positive feedback is welcome.

No database is kept. There are no mail-outs. Traffic to this website is never monitored by the author. His brief is to publish what he is required to do and get the knowledge out there prior to leaving for the new Earth.

How expressions of interest will be registered is yet to be determined and most likely will be the business handling its affairs on Earth.

Philosophical Musings

As this section of the author’s journey draws to an end, he thinks a few philosophical musings are in order.

The information published here is free to view. FIMIOL Photographics is set up as a self-supporting small business, funded until relocation from an aged pension. It receives no other income, yet seems to manage without financial assistance. After relocation e-Books and videos will marketed commercially.

Accordingly, the PayPal donation button previously placed here, yet never used, has been removed. The heavenly Father Yahuw’ah, who is El Shadday, provides everything. His name means “Mighty Sufficient Provider”. It is very humbling to know that the FIMIOL projects are ably supported by Heaven.

Back in 1976 an intuitive man in a suburb of Brisbane, who also prepared this author to see the Mahayana Buddhism in Paul, informed him that no one would follow him. Yet he and his fellow instructor said that they would like to be flies on the wall observing how no one will be able to answer his questions.

Such predictions were vague and somewhat depressing. Others made came true, though. Now it all makes sense. The world of science and religion has no answers. At the time this was the furthest thing from his and their minds.

Another man of insight, his local doctor, predicted that his ideas will not be accepted while alive, but will after his death. Neither knew about the relocation to ATAR and that another five decades of life lay ahead for him.

Nonetheless this implied a lifetime of research and publishing ahead for anything to be accepted. At the time the Internet still lay in the future. So from this and other casual observations he perceived that his life had meaning and purpose. The Lord would show him the Narrow Gate Way.

At his ordination on Sunday, December 18, 1977 (Yeshuwa was conceived on December 18, 7 BCE) Dr. Peter Wiebusch based his address on Acts 4:29 with its focus upon speaking the word of the Lord with all boldness. If only the pastor knew with what word and with what boldness. The present writer still takes this message seriously.

Some sensed this and pushed to remove him from the roll of pastors, thinking he would just go away. They were wrong. He just went under the radar. Many have mocked and ridiculed him over the decades. Yet slowly they are dying off (Psalm 37:8-13).

To discover near the end how the Devil and Satan deceives the whole world without exception is both satisfying, yet sad. With only forty million souls so far in Glory, the after-life does not look good for the others.

For many in the future, though, this will change. At least his rejected voice, like his Lord’s, will be heard after he is gone. He, of course, will not see it, just contribute to it.



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*RA stands for Re’eh Adonay - “friend of the Lord” (John 15:14-16). It is the best qualification.

They say that a God of love would never send anyone to hell. How true!

He invites them there instead.

Those wanting to spend eternity with God go of their own free will, kicking and screaming (Matthew 7:21-23).