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What Is FIMIOL Photography? -  VI

Despite the warning (like that given to Adam in the Garden of Eden not to eat the forbidden fruit), disobedient men and women choose to ignore this command and render the most fanciful of pictures. These then become symbolic portraits like Christmas Day celebrates the birth of the Lord on December 25. Which ‘Lord’ was born on that day? Apollo, Tammuz, Horus?

Since Jesus Christ does not exist, then such celebrations are pointless unless one is celebrating the birthday of the sun, whose actual birthday according to Genesis One is September 6. Yeshuwa was born on September 7 and Earth has its birthday on September 3. Does the reader now see what monotheistic religion has done to mess things up?

Exodus 20:4-5 and Deuteronomy 5:7-9 expressly ban making graven images to become idols used in worship. Yahuw’ah instead wants human beings to appear before Him like the Yisra’elites were given the opportunity during forty years of wilderness wanderings.

These texts say nothing about photographic likenesses, especially when El Elyown and El Shadday, who gave the Towrah to Mosheh, want them made public, so that there is a face and body to Their names as well as inspired words. Several of them exist on various landscapes. They were never intended to remain hidden.

If some are offended by them, then they need to take a good look at their beliefs and ask why? It was bad enough that His sacred Name was silenced in 208 BCE and removed or replaced in the Law and the Prophets, but why must humanity be denied all visual images of Him?

What do they think Abraham saw when Yeshuwa as El Elyown visited him with the two destroying angels in Genesis 18? Yohannan the Dipper knew what Yahuw’ah looked like and so did Yeshuwa and the Twelve. Stephen saw Yeshuwa standing as the Lamb in Acts 7:55-56.

Well over one hundred thousand students of the Narrow Way in the first-century CE and beyond were privileged to behold Yahuw’ah with Yeshuwa at His right hand - while they were still alive. These were called Chrestians.

Christians could never do that. They had no clue as to what the Narrow Way was about, because the companions of Paul pointed them elsewhere. His Christ was, in fact, the Buddha light (Ephesians 5:14).

This site through its web pages and e-Books provides any one interested with the opportunity to see for themselves what has already been identified, and then be both amazed and astonished. Undoubtedly some will sense a little awe and wonder and that is okay too.

Having said this, there is no pressure to accept any of the material. However, eternity is a long time and one might want to consider it as an alternative. Those invited to migrate to Eden will need to embrace them.

Forensic Investigations

The viewing public often enjoys forensic investigations where crimes are solved, accidents studied and historical mysteries explained. The present writer understands that his FIMIOL photographs will be scrutinised by experts in forensic science. He welcomes this, since he has set the highest standards himself.

In the process they might become convinced that this is a genuine discovery and actual photographs were embedded on landscapes around the world, especially in the Middle East. So bring it on.

Pareidolia are just detected shapes resembling known creatures or objects. Clouds especially form and disperse them. Nevertheless they do not support biblical narratives and that is the huge difference.

The present writer, however, will not make the files featuring the drawn-in lines available to anyone until they are prepared to his satisfaction. They were created using the Windows-based Serif DrawPlus X6 and X8 software, which will be a required medium for investigation. Sadly, this software has been superseded by Affinity Draw.

He also wants to have his own media unit to prepare documentaries for his web pages. All the short videos he has produced so far have been done in his tiny shed office with a minimal amount of equipment.

 Once he has video footage and stills of Eden, then creating documentaries will become a priority. Most likely his computers will do the work there, not here. The weather is very kind up there, especially in summer.

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