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A Mother's Influence -  XI

Chanowk lived 65 years before siring Methuwshelah (Genesis 5:21) and was born in 5720 BCE (5655 + 65 = 5720). He lived for another 300 years after the birth of Methuwshelah, being taken in 5355 BCE. Naturally in Heaven he witnessed OM’s eviction 71 years later.

Yered (Jared) was 162 years old when he fathered Chanowk (Genesis 5:18). So he was born in 5882 BCE (5720 + 162 = 5882) and lived another 800 years, placing his death in 4920 BCE. He might have witnessed the Fall.

Maha-lale’el was 65 years old when Yered was born (Genesis 5:15). So he came into the world in 5947 BCE (5882 + 65 = 5947). He lived a further 830 years, passing away in 5052 BCE, making him another possible witness.

Qeynan (Kenan) lived 70 years when he begat Maha-lale’el (Genesis 5:12). So he was born in 6017 BCE (5947 + 70 = 6017) and died 840 years later in 5107 BCE, again another possible witness to OM’s disgrace.

Enowsh lived 90 years when he became the father of Qeynan (Genesis 5:9). He was born in 6107 BCE (6017 + 90 = 6107) and lived another 815 years, dying in 5202 BCE. Provided his eyes were sound he might have witnessed it too.

Sheth (Seth) lived 105 years before fathering Enowsh (Genesis 5:6). He was born then in 6212 BCE (6107 + 105 = 6212). Living another 807 years, he died in 5300 BCE and missed out on the brief spectacle in 5284 BCE.

Adam was 130 years old when he sired Sheth (Genesis 5:3). So he was created in 6342 BCE (6212 + 130 = 6342) and lived for another 800, dying in 5412 BCE.

Two Different Sets Of Prime Factors

Until one realises that Adam was created during the evening before the sixth day and Chavvah early the next morning one cannot really understand why she cracked under pressure. Her first Nativity Calendar cluster is also 110 which, as already established, made her curious.

Despite her past resistance she wanted certainty of knowledge and OM’s logic was very powerful. She would become like the Creator Eluhiym, especially Mowsiyah, who visited her often in the Garden. After eating the forbidden fruit she will know both good and evil, OM assured her.

Not only was this a huge lie, but she did not know even what evil was. Obviously she thought it was something good, perhaps even better than good, maybe extraordinary.

Due to her having the next Nativity Calendar day’s energies to Adam some of her prime factors are totally different to his.

Comprehending these reveals a lot about her and womankind, as well as Adam and mankind. Women might be from Venus and men from Mars, yet these two sets of prime factors say so much about what is essentially common and what is different between the two sexes as they relate together. They is separate to their obvious physical traits.

By the way, the moon was in the sign of the Crab (Cancer) and the sun in the Archer (Sagittarius) when they were created and married on September 7-8, 6342 BCE (evening and morning).

The moon’s position in the Crab sheds specific light on the nature of marriage. Indeed Genesis Two reflects many of the themes associated with the sign of Cancer. This will be explained further in the article on Love and Marriage.

First presented is Adam’s date of birth using Heaven’s 20,000 year Nativity Calendar, then his wife Chavvah’s.

Adam (Saturday, September 7, 6342 BCE, during evening)

CBS:- 11,110,001,101,010,010,101,010,101.

Seasonally Adjusted Gregorian Date:- Sea-Manday[Sat], September 7, -6341 Gc.

Nativity Calendar Date:- Sea-Manday[Sat], Shadday 1, -6340 Gc.

Nativity Year:- 6335  Month:-  Sha  Day:-   1.

Nativity Date Factors:- 63350101 = 63350101 is a Prime Number.

(Sub Primes) First Pair:- 63350100 = 2 x 2 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 5 x 5 x 11 x 79 and 63350102 = 2 x 229 x 138319.

Second Pair:- 138318 = 2 x 3 x 23053 and 138320 = 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 5 x 7 x 13 x 19.

Third Pair:- 23052 = 2 x 2 x 3 x 17 x 113 and 23054 = 2 x 11527.

Fourth Pair:- 11526 = 2 x 3 x 17 x 113 and 11528 = 2 x 2 x 2 x 11 x 131.

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