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A Mother's Influence -  X

Overcome in battle Miyka’el forcibly banished OM and His angelic supporters to Earth, to the dark abyss called Tartarus in 2 Peter 2:4 and in Greek mythology.

This is a single unit Dark Pit and accompanying Lake of Fire created by the Eluw’ah Silephiyn not unlike the Fiery Bird Modules which comprise the extremely long line of prisons designed to hold condemned souls for eternity.

The abyss may be likened to the core of a tall volcano with a roof featuring prison doors placed over the top. Here OM and the fallen angels were confined and Satan was imprisoned for a thousand years between 632 and 1632 CE. He was released the year when John Locke the renowned empiricist was born.

At the top OM created the light at the end of the tunnel for NDERs to visit with their schizophrenic minds, thinking they have gone to Heaven and returned. The singing comes from within the core, but the schizophrenic mind thinks the angels dwell in the light.

It is all one huge illusion, one big deception. Eben Alexander, M.D. in his book The Map of Heaven, co-written with Ptolemy Tompkins (Simon & Schuster 2014) tapped into this when he communicated with OM in the dark core and wrote of unconditional love and no accusations.

This abyss, by the way, is beyond the observation of those infected with the empiricism soul viruses and confined to the outer physical dimensions.

The casting out of OM and His angels took place on Wednesday, January 5, 5284 BCE during '19/20' or Tor 8 according to Heaven’s 20,000 year Nativity calendar. The moon was passing through the Maiden (Virgo) with the sun in the Ram (Aries) constellations.

Family is the focus of attention during the Maiden and not always positively. The Eluhiymic family had become dysfunctional and needed to be healed. As part of the Ram the constellation of Cetus the Sea Monster, aka the devil or Satan, is depicted as cast down low on the horizon.

Furthermore it comes as no surprise that, in the Genesis One weekday profiles, Wednesdays produce so many minds who profess to be atheists or express doubts towards one faith, then join another or create their own belief system.

In a thoughtful pose Yeshuwa recalled that He Himself saw Satan fall from Heaven like a bolt of lightning. No contemporaries witnessed this, since it happened over five millennia earlier (Luke 10:18).

Roughly 56,000 years after the FIMIOLs were imprinted on the landscape Heaven now took a stand against this evil Dragon-Serpent. Motivated by revenge OM and His two parents have since been focussing upon making the most of His relationship with the descendants of Chavvah.

It is this behaviour which brought on the cataclysmic deluge during Noach’s lifetime. After the Flood They took up where They left off. As the future unfolds Their impact upon the human population is getting worse.

Who Witnessed The Fall of Satan To Earth?

OM’s banishment occurred 1058 years after Adam and Chavvah were created (6342 - 5284 = 1058). So Adam most definitely did not witness it. Noach’s Flood occurred 603 years later, commencing on June 4 in 4681 BCE (5284 - 4681 = 603). Logically, being 600 years old he just missed out on it.

In between are an array of witnesses according to Genesis 5. Starting at the end and working backwards this is a break down of its chronology. Original Hebrew names are employed rather than their English distortions.

Noach was born when Lemek (Lamech) was 182 years old (Genesis 5:28-29). He was 600 years old in 4681 BCE, having been born on March 20, 5281 BCE (4681 + 600 = 5281).

Lemek was born in 5468 BCE when his father Methuwshelah was 187 years old (5281 + 187 = 5468). He lived for 595 years after the birth of Noach, dying five years before the Deluge in 4686 BCE and might have seen OM fall.

Methuwshelah was born when Chanowk (Enoch) was 65 years old. So his year of birth is 5655 BCE (5468 + 187 = 5655). The world’s oldest man lived 782 years after the birth of Lemek (Genesis 5:25), also dying in 4686 BCE and a likely witness to the Fall from Heaven.

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