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A Mother's Influence -  XIII

Many religious people are familiar with the words of the apostle Paul in First Timothy, chapter 2.

“11. Let a woman learn in silence, subordinating herself in every respect.

12. Here I do not permit a woman to teach or domineer over men; but to be in silence.

13. For Adam was moulded first, then Eve (Chavvah);

14. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman, being deceived, became a transgressor.

15. But she will be saved through the bearing of children, if they remain in faith and love and consecration with decency.”

How patronising of Paul! Did he not know that every man is her mother’s son. Her influence over himself was overwhelming should he have cared to make a list. For example, His own mother circumcised him and botched the job. Must he silence her too without shedding her other influences over him?

The point is that if women are to keep silent, then so must he. Most of what he says in his epistles is hot air and self-aggrandisement anyway.

By nature women are receptive to OM and He is the creator of all religion with no exceptions. Mothers naturally instil their own faith into their sons and daughters. They are generally the life of religious gatherings. When they loses interest, so do their children and husbands, who may have initially sown doubts in their minds.

Behind this disturbance are Mowsiyah and OM. 55,000 years and ever since is too long to be coincidental. Yet break that bond and families will shine. Each member will grow into well adjusted, contented individuals, able to give of their best.

To the reader this may sound too idealistic or utopian. On this planet the present writer would agree. Every man-made utopia so far has always ended in failure and will continue to do so, although some cult leaders do maintain strong grips over their members to give the illusion of utopia. Over time the cracks appear anyway.

Eden is different, not only because it has two small suns with one circling the other every 13 days (binary), it is managed by the Creators Themselves and is not a decoy planet. Only by living there can one experience this. For all others it remains speculative, although Heaven is perceived to contain such a society. Indeed this is true.

As a matter of interest, since planet Eden was only installed in its orbit around Zeta TrA in 1947, its young age will mean that those who migrate there will undergo personality changes in a few areas. Their ages will be the same, but their binary clusters and primes will differ considerably.

A Frequent Theme

Why is the present writer interested in this subject of gender confusion? For decades he has had little contact with gay people. While at college he sat next to one in class, yet only saw him as a brilliant student. Girls in the class scored high marks too and he was naturally interested in them.

Without understanding it, he saw it close up while working as a radio announcer and that is when he began sensing it was very wrong. But for the so-called marriage equality debate and his interest in spiritual energies and the bonds which people share, this and other articles might not exist.

More recently he has reached the conclusion that its purpose for himself was to learn about the real nature of marriage and publish articles about it. On Eden he has to understand marriage the way it was intended to be.

In recent years the mass media have gone all out to promote anything to do with homosexuality and marriage equality. Now governments are giving in to their propaganda. One might wonder if a new religion has been created where ‘gay couples’ are depicted as saints and heterosexual couples put down as sinners.

Media news reports frequently depict spouses, especially men, as guilty of domestic violence and infidelity towards their partners even though the occasional murder of a gay partner hits the headlines too. Paedophiles are supposedly straight, yet have no qualms about sodomizing boys.

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