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A Mother’s Influence -  XIV

So many heterosexual marriages end in divorce. Apparently gays are better at marriage and raising children than the traditional family unit. Yet who gave them their existence?

Meanwhile handsome gay men and attractive lesbians go around dressed in dapper-looking suits and apparel. They reside in upmarket housing, unless indigenous or they live in rural areas and fishing villages.

It is now reaching the point where some heterosexual men are wary about being seen in public with a male friend, for fear of being falsely labelled.

Gay radars are becoming the In-thing and necessary. Watching television is the way to hone this skill. Why are they so easily identified? And then why do those sensing this want to take actions to make them feel unwelcome? Are they not doing this to protect themselves from becoming infected?

Soul viruses can be infectious, just like biological and computer viruses. This is how they spread so quickly. Why have many countries (24 already) reached the point where same-sex unions are legalised and called marriage instead of a “civil union”?

One might also ask whether behind this is a form of revenge. For failing to protect them from bullying and discrimination they have decided to “get married themselves” and adopt and raise children because they believe they can do this better than their heterosexual parents.

Furthermore, because they saw an opportunity to control the law, they trained as lawyers and political advisors, then entered parliament for the express purpose of legislating marriage equality as well as laws to protect their children from an unfriendly world.

In order to achieve this, the so-called glass ceiling is being smashed as they work their way up to the top in politics, industry, medicine, and educational and religious institutions. It has been going on for some time.

Not that there is anything wrong with this. Yet as a lifestyle choice they appear intent on gaining as much power and influence as possible, even world domination. And the world is letting them achieve this because they know how to cry foul and play the sympathy card. Rationality is forced to take a back seat.

Observe how far Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution soul virus has spread, or Georges Lemaître’s Big Bang Singularity soul virus.

What about the self-obsessed tattoo and cosmetic surgery soul viruses? Or the suicide virus among teenagers and young adults? Next there is the risky behaviour depicted by the mass media showing how it is done. Add to these the road rage, poker machine, tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, ice and similar soul viruses. People get a whiff of them and get sucked in hook, line and sinker. They quickly grow into huge industries.

The word ‘gay’ has indeed become an offensive term for many. It used to mean “happy” and “full of joy” and applied to everyone. Like the noun “rainbow” it has been taken over by the homosexual community. Some heterosexuals find this disturbing, as though they have been violated. Certainly it raises their defences.

One television series frequently portrays a gay priest as morally superior to one who cannot control himself around a divorced woman or alcohol. That is certainly scripting with an agenda.

Heterosexual couples in de facto relationships were once deemed as “living in sin.” So too were gay couples. Now in the twenty-first century the tables are turned. Sinfulness has become righteousness. Traditional marriage is fraught with transgression. Faith has lost its shine.

If a heterosexual person questions or criticises a gay person publicly, that is unacceptable, although he or she with their strong sense of entitlement can say whatever they like. The bullied now become bullies themselves and, while in radio interstate in the 1970s, the present writer witnessed this first hand.

A New Order

Are not religion and the state supposed to be kept separate? Why does the State fund their causes and permit so many other soul viruses to survive and grow? Is this part of the disease afflicting democracy?

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