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A Mother’s Influence -  XIX

Saray and Sarah

Abram’s wife Saray was certainly dismissive towards him when informed of the vision at Charan in Genesis 12:1-3. He was around eighty years old and she seventy-one. Her getting pregnant, she thought, was highly unlikely at her age. Nonetheless she and her nephew Lot went with Abram when they moved south into Cana'an.

According to Genesis 15, El Shadday came again in a vision to Abram, but not Saray. The previous promise made at Charan was reinforced, only this time the son will come from his own body (15:15:4). Later in the chapter a covenant is made with him.

Covenants are two-way affairs. Whatever was promised to Abram was dependent upon certain conditions being met by him.

Of this he informed his sceptical wife. So in chapter 16 she offered him her handmaiden, Hagar of Mitsrayim, as his second wife in the hope of fulfilling the prophecy. Here there must have been a belief of some kind for her to make this offer, unless he had been badgering her. Hagar conceived and bore a son named Yishma'el.

Abram now paid more attention to his new wife, presuming El Shadday’s promise was now coming true. Saray did not like this one iota. Her womb had been closed because they were brother and sister with different mothers (20:12). She felt put out and subsequently became jealous of Hagar.

Then circumcision was ordered in chapter 17 as part of the same covenant. This is one covenant in Scripture which was revealed in stages, a point the legal minded apostle Paul failed to see by focussing only on Genesis 15:6.

Here Abram, now Abraham, was told that his wife Sarah will bear him the promised son (17:15-21). So Yishma’el was not the promised son after all (17:18-19). In about one year she will deliver Yitschaq. Again, El Shadday had no conversation with her.

However, shortly afterwards in chapter 18 El Elyown the Lamb-Man visited her and spoke directly to both Abraham and Sarah about this. Again the conversation was mainly with him, not her, except when she denied laughing (18:12-15).

Elyown is not afraid to talk to women and had no trouble instructing Hagar in 16:7-13. Nonetheless He and Shadday spoke mainly with men, since they are more prepared to believe Them.

Under OM’s influence a wife tends to respond to her father’s, not husband’s influence. OM wants every one to believe that He is the Son of God (true!) and that there is no one else beside Him (monotheism). Ba’alzebub, Sinvesta and OM make a triune God.

Unless material evidence to the contrary is provided, those paternal roots in a wife are very difficult to silence, just as maternal roots are for her sons.

Rachel And Leah

Despite their husband Ya’aqob’s direct encounters with El Shadday, Rachel and Leah were idol worshippers who continued to worship Laban’s deities. Ya’aqob was besotted with Rachel. He knew better not to question his two wives about this, since Laban would have ordered him to leave.

When it was time to depart, Rachel stole her father’s household idols and hid them in a camel’s saddle, then denied this to his face, claiming the manner of women was upon her (Genesis 31:33-35).


Mosheh's wife Zipporah was another sceptic. She was nowhere near the Burning Bush and thought Mosheh was crazy when he related how he had to return to Mitsrayim. What a crazy old man, she must have thought. A shiny, bright Person speaking to him from a burning bush that did not burn ...!!!

Yet when the same Elyown threatened Mosheh's life because Gershom his son was not circumcised, she became very angry and did it herself when Mosheh should have already done it (Exodus 4:24-26).

One would not be too far wrong to say that she opposed circumcision. This issue had already been discussed rather contentiously between them. Clearly her father Reuel or Yethro, a descendant of Abraham (Genesis 25:4) did not practise infant circumcision.

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