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A Mother’s Influence -  XVIII

By and large, despite the migration, life on Earth will continue much as the same as it is today. Space exploration will be pursued with engineers still motivated to find their own solutions to interplanetary existence. The world of science fiction will continue to become real.

Anything is possible. The Creators are not going to abandon it until the end. Furthermore some of humanity will act as though life on Earth will continue indefinitely, only factoring in disasters as they approach.

Without empirical proof of the Lake of Fire they are unlikely to accept it as their eternal future. Others will continue to uphold their religious faith as true and spread their gospel.

Observe what happened in Mitsrayim after the Hebrews left. The Hyksos Pharaoh’s army drowned and crops and livestock were lost by all those natural disasters. Rather than despair, the Mitsriym licked their wounds and went about restoring their national pride. They continued to worship the same gods and built temples to them.

Finally, mothers and fathers will still be very important on Eden. They will give birth to sons and daughters and then raise them, send them to school and later to work.

Yet with one major difference! Mothers and wives will be paid for the work they do at home at the same rate as everyone else. Breast feeding and changing nappies are not just nurturing, but work too. When they volunteer their time to help at schools or in the community they will earn merit points there too and be able to spend them. They can also engage in regular work and run businesses.

Sceptical Women In The Bible

It is the present writer’s intention now to add a new dimension to the father-daughter and mother-son influences.

A son may be good at creativity or inventing things. So long as this dreamer has the means to support her, his wife may stay by his side, not wanting to miss out on any wealth generated. Yet if that is delayed for too long, then she becomes anxious, next sceptical and finally may even leave.

Those in this position can understand certain women in the Scriptures whose husbands were told by El Elyown or El Shadday that great things would happen through them.

Chavvah And The Forbidden Fruit

Here, though, it is questionable whether Chavvah refused to believe that El Shadday had told Adam not to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the middle of the garden.

Genesis 3 was not the first instance where OM tempted her. Each time she was able to resist Him with Adam’s help, that is, until He came up with the greatest temptation of them all: to be like Eluhiym knowing both good and evil.

She understood the meaning of the word good, but what was evil? Adam would not have known this either. “So trust Me,” He implied, “and you will find out.”  Who can resist a great mystery, especially when its Author is so charming? The wiles of a woman? What about the wiles of the Serpent OM?

Genesis 3:9 says El Shadday called to the man and said to him, "Where are you?" The ensuing dialogue is between him and Shadday (Yahuw'ah). In 3:17 he is punished for listening to the voice of his wife.

What is happening here? Was her relationship with El Shadday strong or was she perhaps more receptive to the coaching of the Serpent? Why did Adam refuse to be circumcised, despite His Creator’s pleading?

Abel’s Circumcision

With his mother especially against the idea, who was the influence behind Abel’s circumcision? At the time he had two sisters. One was married to Qayin, the other to one of the righteous Niphla’iym who were present building houses and putting a city together - like on Eden.

Did the Niphla convince her to cut off Abel’s foreskin? They circumcise their infants on the eighth day. Sadly that recommendation would cost him his life. Thanks to his mother’s strong influence and his father’s as well, Qayin’s sacrifice was rejected by Eluhiym because he remained intact.

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