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A Mother’s Influence -  XXI

It is because Yeshuwa knew of the role she had played with the chief priest Zebedee, the father of Ya’aqob and Yohannan and Overseer of the yachad, in having Him betrayed. She had also had Him expelled from the Messiah’s residence in Capernaum. He, in fact, was made homeless by His own mother and His students were also banned from there.

Miryam had lost faith in Him, since she was no longer privy to the anti monotheistic revelations given to Him by His heavenly Father, which were directly opposed to what her father Yoachiym and Seth had taught her.

Yet like Sarah with the birth of Yitschaq, after His resurrection she was back on board again with her sons and daughters, no longer a monotheist.

Women Who Believed

Then there were the women to whom El Elyown came first because they had no trouble believing in Him.


The prophetess Deborah, wife of Lappidowth, was one of the judges of ancient Yisra’el to whom the sons of Yisrael came for judgement under the Deborah tree between Ramah and Bethel in Ephra’iym (Judges 4:4-5).

She was the spokesperson for Elyown who instructed her to send Barak, the son of Abinoam, with ten thousand men to Mount Tabor to draw out Sisera into the hands of the women Ja'el, Heber's wife (Judges 4:6-%;31). Mount Tabor’s eastern slope is from where Yeshuwa ascended back to Heaven.

Manoach’s Wife

Elyown visited the wife of Manoach and she told her husband (Judges 13:3-5). Only she is on record in the ancient Hebrew texts as having received a direct visit from Him. Nowhere, though, is she named and the sons of Tsadoq were likely responsible for this. Yet she was very spiritual, since her son Samson was the same too.


Na’omiy in the book of Ruth was a believer. Ruth was married to her son Mahlon, yet had a stronger bond with her mother-in-law than with her own mother and father (Ruth 2:11). Her sister-in-law Orpah's bond, however, was not so strong after her husband Chilion died. She went back to her mother when Na’omiy chose to return to Beyth-Lechem from Moab.

Back home there was controversy when they called her Na’omiy. "Why do you call me Na’omiy, since Elyown has witnessed against me and Shadday has afflicted me." (Ruth 1:21). In Moab she had lost her husband and two sons.

If there was a visit from Elyown in the Ruth narrative, then this has been removed. Otherwise why the reference to wings by Boaz in 2:12? Does Yahuw'ah have wings? No FIMIOL ever displays Him with wings. Nor is He “the sun of righteousness who will rise with healing in his wings” (Malachi 4:2).

Since He has been called the Angel of El by the priestly scribes, then this is a botched reference to Elyown. Boaz was no monotheist either.

"May Yahuw’ah reward your work, and your wages be complete from Elyown, El of Yisra'el, under whose wings you have come to take refuge" (Ruth 2:12).

According to Yeshuwa, as the Lamb of Eluhiym He appeared to Na’omiy only in dreams of the night. Nonetheless He took an active interest in Ruth and visited Boaz on her behalf.

“I appeared to him when Na’omiy and Ruth returned to Ephratah. There I instructed him that the woman with Na’omiy was to become his wife and he was to treat her as one of his own people without discrimination. Boaz was a righteous man. His mother was also righteous" [July 11, 2017].

Clearly he had a kind and generous mother from the way he treated Ruth the Moabitess. Boaz became the great grandfather of David.


Hannah’s womb had been closed by Yahuw’ah (1 Samuel 1:6). While she prayed earnestly to Him, it was the prophet Eliy who advised her. Following this she became pregnant and gave birth to Shemuw’el (1:20 - Samuel). So Eliy interceded for her too.

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