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A Mother’s Influence -  XXII

Final Words

Except during the first century CE, the Creators have not been accepted by humanity for thousands of years due to the prevailing belief in monotheism. Indigenous Australians, though, will have been aware of Elyown, calling Him by the special name He gave them in their languages.

However, where men have not been spoken to by the Creators, they will still teach in the same tradition which their mothers followed and their fathers before them.

Mothers will also pressure daughters to keep the faith and fathers their sons. If the father loses interest in it, then so will the daughter unless the mother’s interest is strong. It takes just two to three generations to forget.

Given this amount of time, that is, between forty and sixty years, maybe when Earth is close to midnight on the Doomsday Clock will humanity start to look beyond itself and its religions and embrace life.

The parents of OM only gain those who call upon God and similar deities. One does not have to do this any more. Heaven has room for all those who call upon the name of Yahuw’ah.

The new heavens and new Earth of Isaiah 65-66 and 2 Peter 3:13 is planet Eden under its binary star zeta Trianguli Australis. It is possible, though that the new Earth and sky coming to support the giant pyramid called the Heavenly Yeruwshalem is this same planet. Eventually it may be placed underneath it in a way where it appears to descend into position from above (Revelation 21:2). This way all the infrastructure will be in place.

Unlike Shimon Kephar, Yohannan stood on Eden, only he was a long way from the sea. When questioned about this Yeshuwa replied:

“...It is a new planet. Y'sha-yahuw looked into the future." "Yet what did Shimon Kephar and Yohannan see?" "We showed it to them too."

"Did either of them set foot on it?" "Only Yohannan. He thought it was going to be the planet upon which this heavenly city was going to settle." "Except that it has oceans." "He saw a land locked area without any visible sea." [September 5, 2017]

It is certainly food for thought, even though it has seas and oceans with plentiful fish to catch and eat. Even now the Niphla’iym are preparing for human beings to live on Eden. What did Yeshuwa have in mind when He said,

“In the house of My Father there are many dwellings. Otherwise I would have told you, because I go to prepare a place for you” (John 14:2).

Did He have Heaven in mind, or planet Eden, which formed an integral part of His Gospel of the Kingdom? The House of Ya’aqob or Yisra’el is not a building, but the descendants of that patriarch spread across many lands. So the Father’s House may be this planet. Like its inhabitants, one day it too will be glorified. Why not use it to introduce people to Heaven.

Its dwellings do not appear as if by magic. They are constructed by efficient builders and trades people using the best materials available and the latest techniques. And they are built to last.

On Eden there are already many finished dwellings awaiting occupation, also a school, healing centre and shopping precinct with hairdressing salon, clothing store, bakery, jeweller and florist. Factories for food processing and manufacture are under construction.

Tourist facilities will provide employment and respite for those wanting to relax. Then there is the nuclear fusion power station. These all require suitable people to fill lots of positions. Farmers, too, are wanted to grow and harvest crops.

No one will ever be unemployed. Nor will anyone be treated as a slave. The sick and injured will be treated with full recovery in mind. Every person who performs work receives merit points. For some time to come the Niphla’iym will be training immigrants in a wide variety of skills and highly advanced technology. And then there is fishing or mining for gemstones …

Eventually Eden will have its own Yeruwshalem and a large auditorium in which people will gather to see the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Yahuw’ah, Yahbeth, Tor, Mowsiyah, Sar Shalowm, Emmezin and Ze’ab, Buzbiy, Silephiyn and Mowsiyah.

With the ability to instantly relocate, one can visit the holy city to meet with fellow saints and return home the same day many thousands of kilometres or miles away. It is so quick and it is free. IRVs will do deliveries, yet there will be no cars or trucks on highways and planes flying the skies.

Once one understands the meaning of the word “service”, then one will always find things to do. Yet rest from work is vital too and so is community fellowship.

Eden is a beautiful planet. Its climate is benign and, like on Earth, controlled so that rain and sunshine are apportioned so everyone prospers.

Blessed are those sons and daughters whose parents have influenced their lives from birth in positive and constructive ways, with as few soul viruses as possible.

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