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Yeshuwa Is Not Jesus

Not Interested In The Uncircumcised

It is a fact that Yeshuwa will never allow any person of the un-circumcision to approach Himself in Heaven. That wonderful Place exists outside the universe and is accessible via a dimension with no time and space, namely, the Seventh. Instant Relocation Vehicles also use this Dimension.

Part of the reason for this is Yahuw’ah of Eluhiym states that the uncircumcised “make My covenant void” (Ezekiel 44:7) and intact men have always been excluded (Genesis 17:14, Exodus 12:48, Joshua 5:2-9, Isaiah 52:1 and Ezekiel 32).

That covenant is designed to last for a thousand generations (Genesis 17:7-14; Psalm 105:8-11 and 1 Chronicles 16:15-18) and may never be overridden by men. Only the One establishing a covenant can end it and He certainly has no intention of ever doing that. “Your will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven” (Matthew 6:10) demands circumcision.

Two Lords In The New Testament Canon

FIMIOL Photographics is very clear about who is the true Lord (Adonay) of the canonical gospels. It is the Hebrew Yeshuwa to whom Mattith-yahuw (Matthew) and Yohannan (John) bear witness, not the Greek Ίησοΰς Χριστός of the apostle Paul and Silvanus in First Peter. When these were compiled no such person as Jesus Christ existed, because he was invented later by Paul.

While Luke-Acts is more interested in their Jesus, they do contain some historical and chronological material from the life and sayings of Yeshuwa. However, it is a challenge to discern which is genuine and which is not. For example, Luke 24:34b is not, since Shimon was present and was definitely not one of the two disciples who had just returned from Emmaus. It was added to substantiate Paul’s made-up list in First Corinthians 15:5.

Consequently, the FIMIOL photographs are not about the fictitious Jesus Christ or his Virgin Mother. Like cheese and chalk, the information provided for them is so very different from Yeshuwa and His mother. From evidence to date, followers of Paul’s Christ want nothing to do with them. Why? Well, it is more than linguistic.

Her name is Miryam and she was born on Sunday, September 11, 22 BCE. Revelation 12:1 contains the star map of her birth. After her parents died, she came into the care of Seth, father of the future high priest Annas.

Early in her sixteenth year she fell pregnant with El Shadday’s child after a brief wedding ceremony. Four days before her sixteenth solar birthday she delivered Yeshuwa into the world in a storage area behind the inn adjacent to the northern entrance to Beyth-Lechem (Bethlehem). That day was the third after the Yehuwdic (Jewish) Shabbat. The birth was completed by midday.

Earlier on Wednesday, May 5, 6 BCE, Miryam had married her betrothed, a chief priest named Yowceph ben Elim of Zippori (Sepphoris) after he was instructed by a messenger of Yahuw’ah to do so (Matthew 1:20-25). He was of the division of Yoyarib. This angel is not the same Angel of Yahuw’ah featured in the Books of Mosheh, since Yeshuwa is that ‘Angel’.

The new family went back to his home in Zippori. While in Mitsrayim (Egypt) this city was destroyed by the Romans. Upon their return in late July 4 BCE they settled in Netserah (Nazareth) in a house Yowceph built 100 metres NE of the Jewish synagogue in the Old City and two kilometres from Yeshuwa’s FIMIOL photograph.

There is no similarity between them and religious depictions, all of which are based upon human imagination. Naturally those intent on remaining devoted to their religion will have no interest in these two, nor will they be offended by their nudity, appearance and message. Furthermore they will not be interested in moving to the new Earth called Eden.

Having said this, several important discoveries have been made since this article was first written. One involves IRVs or Instant Relocation Vehicles, which were once a common feature of the ancient narratives.

Another shows how the Hebrew Scriptures handed down for more than two millennia were earlier subjected to the most awful assault by the sons of Tsadoq (Zadok). Up to and during the Babylonian captivity they removed all references to Yeshuwa as El (not God) Most High and replaced them with Yahuw’ah or Eluhiym - or made Him the same as El Shadday. Examples of this are detailed in the pages following the HOME Page.

On the next three pages are listings of some of what separates the two Lords in the New Testament canon and why Yeshuwa cannot be Jesus.

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