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What Is Required To Understand The Apostle Paul -  II

Every other external reference is irrelevant, including other religions and sinning prior to Mosheh. Why Noach’s universal flood then? Yet was not the Mosheh Covenant given only to circumcised Yisra’elites?

From the extant texts the covenant of circumcision goes back to Abraham in Genesis 17 and that provides the legal basis for all faith, not Mosheh. Circumcision went right back to Abel. All the patriarchs had their foreskins removed.

The Ten Commandments were deliberately not given to intact men and their daughters.

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At first glimpse he comes across as an impressive leader. Who does not want to be happy and feel loved without carrying a load of guilt? This man could entertain. He loved music and theatrics. His gaze was strong. No doubt his companions joined in his theatre as he convinced mainly Gentiles to join him.

However, when one worships a god with a pagan name - ό Θεός defined the pagan gods of Greece, Deus the pagan gods of Rome - one naturally ignores the covenants of Yahuw’ah. Mahayana Buddhism was his greatest inspiration.

Why he promoted the promises of El Shadday and Yeshuwa remains a mystery, unless he believed that it was time for the Gentiles to teach the Yehuwdiym a lesson. As a scribal magistrate no one was going to tell him otherwise. He was beyond instruction and correction until six months before he was executed when he renounced it all.

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