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Abraham And Computers -  II

So many statements made by Yahuw’ah and Yeshuwa have potential or the ‘end goal’ in mind, including the FIMIOL photographs which are visual prophecies. One may now add the constellations or signs in the heavens, since the Eluhiym and Keruwbiym are featured there as well.

The end-goal also applied to Abram, since another twenty-four years would pass between the encounter in Charan (Genesis 12:1-4) and the command to be circumcised in Genesis 17 [99 - 75 = 24 yrs].

Was he righteous all that time? Again that is a word with potential. Needless to say, El Provider kept an eye on him and blessed him, even though he was a warlord supported by El Most High. However, he and Saray (Sarai) were childless. Only a miracle could bring about fatherhood, for she considered herself beyond child-bearing.

Inventing Computers

Now in order to make Their own photographic collection available to the world, Eluhiym first had to create the instruments to capture the images on the landscapes where they were impressed, then process these and invent the Internet so that they can be seen worldwide.

They are behind the drive to recreate computers with operating systems - much like the soul - along with software tools and Internet technology. All They are doing in terms of reality is bringing back the good old days.

The Creators think in the language of binary, of 1s and 0s. Like the camera, They invented the computer operating system. Beneath the Twenty-Four Thrones is the Time Room which governs Time throughout four universes, pulsing 139 times per second for billions of years. Very powerful super computers run there.

Using Both Intact And Circumcised

These Creators are prepared to use both intact men and women of the un-circumcision to further Their aims. Eluhiym is a collective of thirteen different Eluw’ah, each with Their own reasons for existence.

Three belong to the dark side, although one of Them, namely, OM, is “pitch black”, yet “brimming over with light.”1)  His purposes, however, are dark and deceitful. He has a father, according to Yeshuwa in John 8:44, and His name is Ba’alzebub. Since Sinvesta is female, She is OM’s mother.

The other ten form the Bright or Creator Eluhiym. These, like the Dark Eluhiym depicted in so many FIMIOLs, want Their existence known and are the drive behind the development of computer technologies.

How one behaves in life is determined by prime number and binary cluster energies at conception and birth and every day since. To know one’s own data is very illuminating.

However, where having or not having a prepuce or foreskin becomes important is in decision making. The former favours imagination and fantasy, the latter the real world.

The Dark Eluhiym, who constitute an unholy trinity, reside close to the Earth within the light at the end of the tunnel described by Near Death Experience reporters. According to Revelation 12:9, OM or the dragon Satan and His angels were thrown down to the Earth.

They too want Themselves known and are on the lookout for intact men, their companions and daughters to inspire.

Naturally They choose these over the circumcised. Some also have different sexual preferences.

Usually the brilliant people chosen by either group are a little bit eccentric, yet capable of thinking outside the box and do not mind being ridiculed by their peers and families. Many may be left handed like Yeshuwa in Glory. They know that they have something special cooking in their brains and are driven to see their proverbial cake baked, cooled, enhanced and decorated and put out there for all to enjoy.

OM is also brilliant. He has to be, in order to have such control over humanity, and is as much an inspiration for computer and IT development as Yeshuwa. This said, the Twelve Sholechiym (“sent ones”) from their thrones in Glory only select circumcised males for special inspiration.

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