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Abraham And Computers -  I

What does the patriarch Abraham have to do with modern computers? Actually quite a lot. The satellite mapping image containing FIMIOLs of him rejoicing, a pregnant Sarah, Yitschaq, Rebeqah, Ya’aqob, Esau, Hagar and Yishma’el also includes three computer-driven IRVs.

Not only did Abraham learn to drive one, but after his circumcision began recording events in his life on one of its computers. Mosheh would do both more extensively. He flew above the landscape to identify the stations of the Exodus route recorded in Numbers 33 and elsewhere, then kept a record of all instructions given to him.

Digital word processing and imaging software were used back then, only their record has been expunged from the Hebrew texts. By this action the sons of Tsadoq plunged the world into technological darkness by obliterating El Elyown (Most High) and deleting all references to the IRV ‘chariots’ from the Hebrew scriptures.

Of course, similar to every other human being, Abraham’s mind and brain operated like a computer, starting in the soul. There multiple computers are busy at work continually processing enormous amounts of data. The JavaScript calculators created at FIMIOL Photographics monitor soul processes using binary clusters and prime numbers.

The human brain is just an interface between the soul and body. When the body dies, the soul is set free and in one place or the other will eventually be given another body and continue functioning. This is called the resurrection of all flesh.

Abram Believed El Provider

That said, the apostle Paul makes much of Genesis 15:6 when building his arguments for faith without circumcision. “Then he believed in [Yahuw’ah] El Provider and He reckoned it to him as righteousness.” Abram, by the way, never knew El Provider’s name was Yahuw’ah (Exodus 6:2-3).

This is a very powerful statement. Abram was still intact. Yet what does it mean, since an uncircumcised man can never enter into Yahuw’ah or El Shadday’s heavenly Presence?

Daily Visits To Adam

He and Yeshuwa judge the whole of life, while the latter executes Yahuw’ah’s judgements. The first man Adam remained intact until his death and paid the price for his disobedience. Yet observe how presumably Yahuw’ah of Eluhiym as El Provider came walking in the garden in the cool of the day (Genesis 3:8). That incidentally was during the morning after sunrise.

Due to his refusal to circumcise, neither he nor Chavvah could visit their Creator in Heaven. So He came to them instead to check on their well-being, answer their questions and suggest circumcision. They do not compel people to change. It must be done willingly. Each visit was made in an IRV.

Now who visited them for most of the day when heat was needed to warm His blood, during which He argued against circumcision? OM, of course. who only appeared either as a serpent (a reticulated python) or dragon. He put a very persuasive case to deceive Chavvah, as already mentioned.

Abel was the first to be circumcised with his sister carrying out the procedure. Cain, though, refused and so [Yahuw’ah] El Provider in turn refused to accept his offering (Genesis 4:5). For that he killed Abel.

Dealing With Intact Men And Their Daughters

This fact is important, since it shows that [Yahuw’ah] El Provider and [Yeshuwa] El Most High are prepared to deal with intact men, even if later they discard their souls. The justice here is that when men refuse the most important operation that a male can ever have, they do so in rebellion. They are considered lawless. Yet even a lemon vehicle is still useful if capable of being driven.

When Yeshuwa appeared to Sha’uwl of Tarsus outside Damascus in Acts 9, He mentioned that he would suffer much for preaching in His name, even though his gospel was false. Nonetheless he made it to glory and is not responsible for what others did with his writings. Six months before his death he renounced Christianity and stopped rebelling against Yeshuwa. While he had preached against circumcision, he himself was circumcised.

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