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What Is FIMIOL Photography? -  IV

Every Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

Images are a universal way of telling a story. In The Creators’ case They do this through the Five Books of Mosheh - there used to be seven - then two of the canonical Gospels and Book of Revelation. All were first composed in Hebrew, which is also one of the languages of Heaven and planets like Eden.

Every one who gains eternal life learns to speak and read in Hebrew. It is therefore natural that the inspired writings should be written in that language as well. Most were compiled from written records made at the time and not from any oral tradition.

Visual Prophecies

Indigenous people the world over have for millennia drawn and painted images of men, women and children, birds, animals, reptiles and fish on cave walls and protected rocks. They do this to remember events from their past and attract those species depicted for hunting and gathering.

The FIMIOL photographs are huge by comparison and meant to be seen from altitude by the Creators from Their Central Throne in Glory. In reality they are visual prophecies, that is, road maps for the future to guide Them, once planet Earth was put into its present orbit over 8358 years ago (2017).

Earth’s existence began 4.5 billion years ago. It is a recycled planet on its ninth mission, as well as a plover bird-type decoy to keep other civilisations safe from its ‘God’, by whatever name he is called (1 John 5:19).

Planet Eden also features FIMIOLs and at the appropriate time photographs of relevant landscapes will be taken at altitude, images detected and lines drawn in.

Now these photographs do not exist for voyeurs or fearful, insecure people. Nor are they pornographic. Despite some explicit detail, even exhibitionist in nature, they are sacred, clinical images with serious messages attached to them which only mature minds are capable of appreciating. Constellation figures or signs are similarly sacred.

In His foresight El Elyown the Creator and Owner of planet Earth (Genesis 14:19, 22) knew that humanity would have great difficulty accepting His words. So He added coloured photographs to make His messages very clear.

One would therefore be wise to listen to and act upon them, since ignoring them does have regrettable consequences.

How Were They Impressed?

The photographic studies were impressed some 63,000 years ago when Earth was brought back to Heaven for repairs. While this goes entirely against modern thinking, the laws of physics know that it is possible to compress and expand objects and gases. Diamonds are highly compressed forms of carbon. Motors in air-conditioners and refrigerators expand and compress gases to keep things cool. Gravity and moisture cause dust to settle into sediment.

So planet Earth was compressed by a factor of 5^8 or 390625 to a diameter of just over 107 feet. The expression tohuw wa-bohuw means “compressed and smooth”, not “formless and void” (Genesis 1:2). In Jeremiah 4:23 “formless and void” does not make sense. The quaking of the mountains reflects their return to a flat surface along with the hills. Like the cities everything is levelled, so creating the smooth appearance.

At that size energy shells reflecting the original photographs could easily be set in place and impressed onto a landscape by an Artisan 5’ 9” tall working at a canvas-sized space.

The notion of an energy shell will be explored more fully in the Garden of Eden e-Books. Every living object from the tiniest quark to a star has an energy shell. Each contains a matter and an anti-matter circuit. All organs of the human body likewise have energy shells similar in size to the actual organs themselves.

When looked after, the matter circuits keep organs healthy, but as they age or become diseased the balance shifts towards the anti-matter circuit until death intervenes.

At Creation the planet came with pre-installed energy shells. On their respective 24-hour day these were activated from a powerful computer and attracted atoms and molecules from their environment, forming material bodies and springing into life.

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