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That some days did not reflect the correct position of the moon was beside the point. Whatever was written down is what determined the influences.

Joseph Seiss is quite convincing about these faded constellation figures nestled among the stars (FINATS). Citing Genesis 1:14-18, he notes that the lights in the firmament or expanse are not just the greater and lesser lights, that is, the sun and moon, but the stars as well.

Their first use is to be for “signs”, then seasons, days and years. 4Q318 embodies all this with each lunar year starting when the moon is in the Ram or constellation of Aries. Sometimes the sun is in late Pisces, but mostly it is Aries. The moon, though, had to be in Aries. Then every day of each month in a 29-30 day sequence traced the moon’s path around the zodiac.

Constellations In The Bible

References to specific constellations also appear in the Book of Job. So the constellation signs and their figures belong to Scripture and are sacred.

Seiss’s analysis is mostly spot on because he could see them and was able to meticulously match the lines with stars at a time when there were no photographs of the heavens or astronomy software. He only dealt with visible stars of less than magnitude 5.

On pages 178-9 he points to five of the principal constellations referred to by name in the Book of Job, two in the zodiac and three others.

Mazzaroth in 38:32, according to Seiss, may refer to the zodiac. “Can you bring forth the constellations in their season or can you guide the Bear with its sons?” Observe the vivid imagery. The Bear is more than a group of stars. It is not part of the equatorial zodiac, yet assumes there is one.

David, a very spiritual man, wrote these famous words in Psalm 19:

“1. The heavens record the glory of El Elyown; and the expanse publishes the work of His hands.

2. Day to day pours forth speech, and night to night reveals knowledge.

3. There is no speech, nor are there words; their voice is not heard.

4. Through all the Earth their line has gone, and their discourse to the ends of the world. For the sun has set up a tent among them.”

Again 4Q318 embodies this thinking as the sun and moon pass through the message lines and paragraphs of the constellations, while others beyond the zodiac join in the silent, yet meaningful conversation. Here David says the constellations publish knowledge to read in the light of day.

The notion, though, of the sun and moon possessing chariots with steeds pulling them across the sky is not something in which king David believed. It was, however, a key plank of ancient Greek myths, especially those involving Apollo and Artemis. 1)

Nonetheless stories about the constellations did not originate with the Greeks. For example, according to Joseph Seiss, Herakles (Hercules) was known in Egypt, Phoenicia and India long before the intact Greeks learned about him and added him to their mythology. 2)


1) H. A. Guerber, The Myths Of Greece and Rome, [revised by Dorothy Margaret Stuart], George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd, Sydney 1907-1969, pp. 60-63.

2. Joseph A. Seiss, ibid., pp. 49-50, features a very detailed drawing of Hercules down on one knee with a great club in his right hand, a three headed serpent monster held tightly in his left hand with his left foot on the head of the Dragon (Draco). This is uncanny, since it evokes comparison with the symbol of God as the Serpents and Dragon Caduceus. OM can manifest as both a serpent and dragon. Here they are all together. Hercules is Yeshuwa, the Mighty One. Click here to view images.

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How much material involving the stars and constellations was removed by the sons of Tsadoq?

Other than Psalm 19, only Psalm 8:3 is attributed to David.

A solar chariot was not part of his thinking. Not much else is said by him on stars in the current collection of 150 psalms