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A Mother’s Influence -  I

This article is not intended to be an attack on motherhood per se, but to highlight certain dangers and the huge influence mothers and fathers have upon their children as role models. Its aim is to help the reader ponder the positive and negative effects which mothers especially have on their sons. Here the present writer uses himself by way of example.

In general terms there are perhaps as many accounts of good influences as bad. And who is to say that something deemed bad by a set of rules is necessarily bad? It may have a hidden positive and likewise a good influence a negative.

At the end of the day, though, if one starts examining a mother’s influence over one’s life, then this creates a healthy start towards understanding what is happening in the roller coaster world promoted by the mass media.

No scientific papers have been consulted for this research. It is based upon years of personal observations. One expert says this, another says that. Who among them is familiar with the indelible effects that Heaven’s automated, spiritual energy systems have on humanity and the planet itself?

The Present Writer’s Mother

His maternal grandfather was born in London, yet left to go to sea at the age of fourteen. In Australia he married a woman of English stock. So his mother’s roots go back to Mother England. Meanwhile his father’s roots lay in South Australia’s mid north and Germany, also known as the Fatherland.

World War II was halfway through when they married. During WWI the Zanker family was persecuted and moved from Orroroo to Stirling North. He was strongly patriarchal, very stubborn and knew how to say No. She was feisty, matriarchal and had plans for her future sons and daughters.

One could say there was a clash of cultures. The present writer remembers her running down Germans for being so stubborn and exasperating. Yet the English could be the same, for as a double certificate nurse she prided herself on questioning decisions and observations made by doctors at the Port Augusta hospital, where she worked, with beneficial outcomes.

Coming from a Congregationalist background, for many years she was not comfortable with the Lutheran Church and often criticised it for being too ritualistic and not investing in young people. In the local church she agitated for Sunday School rooms and a place where the young people could meet.

Earlier on she wanted this writer to become involved with groups like Scripture Union and was disappointed when he asked to become a pastor in the Lutheran Church. Here, though, he had his father’s approval.

Partly due to the economic pressure put on the family to fund his education, he studied hard to prepare himself for ministry. At Concordia College he had to learn German and Latin.

The Latin he could handle, but for some unknown reason he struggled with German. Even German opal miners at Coober Pedy could not get him to speak it after recently studying the language for four years.

Neither was he interested in it at seminary, preferring English instead. Yet the Lutheran Church had its origins in Germany. All its confessional writings and a lot of its scholarship were published in German.

When members of the LCA hierarchy began noticing him, he started making his own observations. While at Coober Pedy and now at seminary he developed a friendship with charismatic Christians. This raised challenging questions which took over two decades to resolve. During the practical year his vicar father tried to break his spirit. As a young pastor lay people were raising issues from the Bible which he could not answer.

Slowly his mother’s misgivings began to make sense. Under pressure he resigned from parish ministry. Although he tried to stay loyal after leaving it, his own curiosity got him into even more trouble. Eventually he found himself on the outside.

Until he discovered that the apostle Paul had received training in Mahayana Buddhist philosophy and meditation, he still preferred the Lutheran church to any other denomination.

It was then that his life took a completely different turn, not dissimilar to what his mother experienced. She came to Port Augusta from Angaston in the Barossa Valley to nurse at its hospital and found herself a few short years later married to his father.

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