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A Mother’s Influence -  II

As a nurse she studied hard and earned a gold medal by becoming second in her state nursing exams. Yet she could not forget her nursing. She seemed to be frequently going to her doctor with very sick children, who then sent them off to hospital, as well as herself to give birth to ten children.

Her son’s interest in health and healing may stem from this influence, especially after he did serious damage to his neck in a railways accident in December 1973. Unable to move for a couple of days, as soon as movement returned he was released from hospital and sent back to work as a railway fettler, without even an X-ray taken.

That was nearly forty-four years ago (December 6, 1973). He has struggled with a painful loose neck almost every day and night since.

After leaving the ministry he continued with his studies. He could not shake them off either. At sixty-eight he is still studying, but not for any academic degrees. Once was enough after graduating from seminary and discovering fifteen months later that he was no longer wanted because he had rocked the proverbial boat.

All her life his mother kept an open mind, learning as much as she could by reading and keeping in touch with her friends and siblings, often by mail. That same diligence was passed onto him, although family typically opposed his views.

Through her influence he developed a questioning and studious mind. Nor was she frightened to express her opinions. Sometimes her letters were published in the local newspaper. She had that special ability to express her thoughts and influence others at various levels of society.

Needless to say, her son is not shy to express in writing whatever he has discovered and learned as well. Influencing others is another matter. He knows this will come only after material evidence is provided beyond the FIMIOLs. Even though they represent material evidence, apparently they are too faded to convince learned minds.

Questioning others often comes at a price. When she suffered a kidney infection on more than one occasion, her pain was diagnosed as mental illness and she was sent to Enfield hospital in Adelaide for electric shock treatment. What she witnessed there was both cruel and horrifying.

So she kept her mouth shut and said just Yes and No. Today patients are put into chemical incarceration with no light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Naturally this son is distrustful of doctors, since little has changed.

It does not end here. She was anti-alcohol (an attitude shared by her husband) and belonged to the Christian Women’s Temperance Union. Her son does not drink any alcoholic beverages, although at seminary he sampled a few. Wine always put him to sleep and beer was so boring that he added lemonade to give it flavour, then lost interest in it altogether.

Although his father smoked and suffered lung disease, he felt very uncomfortable with the chemical hold which both alcohol and tobacco had over him, and for a very short time marijuana, the devil’s sacrament, which he was conned into trying.

When one knows freedom and how to stay free, one does not let chemical traps snare oneself again. Visits to Heaven in the spirit are impossible under the influence of alcohol and drugs, even those medically prescribed. They began soon after renouncing their use.

Times were tough in his mother’s day. What little money she could spare was saved and put to good use by improving living conditions around the homestead. She also invested in cameras along with negative and slide films for family, business and personal use.

The present writer learned much from her with regard to handling money and going without. He inherited her slides and photos to clean and make available to family members. On Eden he will treasure these as well as add to his own collection from there. Some of these will be shared here.

Also she remained faithful to his father (and likewise he to her) till he passed away and never considered remarriage. Her son believes in marriage “till death us do part.” It has not been easy, yet gets better over time.

On the business side her plans went awry through factors in the building industry beyond her control. It was physically very hard work and one by one her sons left for better pay and other careers.

She was devastated by this and more or less held a grudge till the day she died. After all, she had left paradise in the Adelaide hills to live in drought affected country between Port Augusta and Stirling North where the answer was almost always No.

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