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A Mother’s Influence -  XV

When things get out of control, the authorities claim their hands are tied. Lip service may be paid to keeping order in society, yet it is always the new order. Nothing is going to change. The die is cast.

There are good reasons for this. Primarily the God Serpents and Dragon know that NASA’s “extinction level event” is not far off in terms of decades. They are releasing as many soul viruses as possible to gain the maximum number of souls for their eternal enjoyment, although it will cost OM His head (Psalm 110:6-7).

Nevertheless that is the price His mother Sinvesta and father Ba’alzebub are prepared to pay. They could not have any more children, since there was no more spare helium plasma of the spiritual variety from which all the Eluhiym intelligently developed.

Just as Yeshuwa gave up His life for the Elect at the appointed time, so Their son OM will lay down His life at the appointed time for the rest of humanity, who will be detained at Their pleasure. His decapitated head will be far removed from His body so that He can never recover or be resurrected like Yeshuwa.

Sinvesta is especially aware of this and also uses Her influence over fathers and boys on Earth to disrupt and distort whatever is now righteous in the eyes of Yahuw’ah and Yeshuwa. Furthermore She has the backing of Her ‘husband’ who works on mothers and girls.

Again, it is These who brought about the moral chaos which led to Noach’s universal flood, not the Niphla’iym of Genesis 6:1-4.

Terrorism’s Early Start

Every terrorist, regardless of faith or cause, is the offspring of a mother and father. Here the mother’s influence during pregnancy and early years should not be ignored.

Years ago while watching a Palestinian woman being interviewed after some of her sons were arrested by Israeli police for throwing stones, it became clear that she strongly supported her sons’ actions.

Terrorists are bred within cultural environments. These may be politically, religiously or medically controlled. Wherever individuals and families feel under siege, deprived of basic freedoms, judged and struggling to survive, life becomes tough.

If loved ones or relatives are arrested, maimed or killed, then most mothers become distraught. Unresolved grief can lead to resentment. In long term military occupations or ‘conflict zones’ mothers are going to be affected. Where is the justice in all this? they may ask.

It is challenging enough living in a peaceful city or town where jobs are scarce, let alone an occupied territory or war zone. Job seekers feel that they are unwanted, viewed as lazy and/or totally useless. Here the judging society has stripped them of certain basic human rights.

Yet if “hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned,” might not a mother become livid towards those oppressing her or abusing her children? Being their primary caregiver means that she can speak of her dissatisfaction to her in vitro sons and envisage them playing some future liberating role. So suggestions are made accordingly and emotional images imprinted on their souls.

Why should pilots of warplanes, when they drop bombs from heaven upon their homes and businesses, be allowed to get away with it? Are they not oppressors and murderers too?

Soldiers in battle ships, tanks and armoured vehicles, armed with deadly weapons are seemingly allowed to wreck havoc in another country wherever they detect a perceived threat to their own nation or have imperial ambitions towards another.

A country under attack, though, has the right to defend itself and drive out an invading army, even to the point where it is defeated in its own country with the help of others. Lives taken by defenders in such combat are not deemed to be soul virus related.

Most mothers and fathers, though, want to raise their children in a peaceful place where food, water, clothing, housing, livestock and horticulture, work and trade are part of that locality’s life. Surely that is their right.

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