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A Mother’s Influence -  XVI

After an invasion opposition is bound to arise once fear has been mastered. If not strong enough to dealt with it, then the seeds of terrorism are sown.

Mothers urge fathers to do something. Fathers gather around and talk to their sons. They have Adam’s 3^5 governing them. A good example of this is Yehuwdah Maccabee in the second century BCE when Antiochus Epiphanes IV attempted to destroy the faith of the fathers in Palestine, which had already been mutilated by monotheism.

After consulting with the elders he and his brothers set out to remove the Syrian oppressors from their lands, cities and temple. By 25 Kislew in 164 BCE they had managed to cleanse the Temple after defeating Nicanor and his army. That victory was celebrated during the feast of John 5 with the cleansing of the Temple during the Festival of Lights/Dedication/Chanukah.

If innocent men, women and children were mistreated, tortured, maimed or killed, these untrained Yehuwdiym attacked the enemy wherever they could.

So too with modern terrorism. If innocent people are killed in a conflict zone, then expect other civilians to be targeted in the towns and cities of the foreigners doing the killing. Here it is tit for tat, an eye for an eye.

Of course, governments will do all they can to protect their citizens and so they should. Unfortunately, their vigilance is not always rewarded as soft targets are injured and killed.

Yet do any of their families or governments ask why? Is this not the terrorists’ way of saying, “See what you have put us and our communities through. How do you like it done to you?”

Religions and ideologies aside, empathy is hard to find towards those driven by what has happened to them to then take some form of extremist remedy.

Killing is killing regardless of who is doing it. Behind well armed groups are the rich and powerful who profit from war and oppression. These whisper agitating words in the ears of politicians and journalists alike.

Yet how much influence have mothers exerted in these events? What support do fathers provide? Furthermore it does not have to be recent. It could go all the way back to childhood or teenage years and be left smouldering there.

When stripped of their self-esteem and identity, predators find them and then exploit and radicalise them by giving them hope and a cause to live and die for.

Martyrdom seems honourable in every religion. Yet most people prefer to live and work in peace without having to sacrifice their own lives and taking others with them. For these there is no reward in Heaven.

Behind oppression are bullies and all bullies are opportunists. It is ironic that in the twenty-first century the spring revolution in the Middle East has failed miserably, caused untold damage and destroyed so many lives and dreams.

Why ironic? Because ‘20/21’ says that the chief knows best. Democracy is no longer the ideal. Observe this trend grow as the century proceeds. Around the Mediterranean and beyond new dictators in the name of democracy have replaced former dictators at very great cost to their own countries.

So long as there is a reason for an-eye-for-an-eye, terrorism will continue to raise its ugly head.

Beyond the military there may be an oppressive state and within the state powerful interest groups who want to control people through religion, economics and poisonous medicines.

When mothers feel the pain, then their influences may contribute to the seemingly endless cycles of violence. However, in their heart of hearts this is not what many want.

Never underestimate their power and influence. It is universal. They want to be seen as loving their children, for they are the lights that shine in the family unit.

Yet with OM and His parents on their case this is hard. Where they criticise a lot, then their daughters learn to be critical too. If they mock their father, then their boys will disrespect them as well.

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