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A Mother’s Influence -  XVII

Of course, it is natural for a woman to cheer up a female whose light has dimmed for whatever reason, just as she and her sisters will challenge another whose light is shining too brightly. Most prefer an even playing field.

Generational Influences

Here, though, one might ask about the quality of one’s own maternal and paternal backgrounds, since this may also be contributing to their children’s behaviour and choices.

A mother’s father invariably will have influenced her life in ways which she passes onto her sons. These will then influence her granddaughters’ lives.

The alternating swing between the sexes by virtue of the mother-son and father-daughter bonds is what creates society. The quality of life in that society is obviously dependent upon so many external factors. Here soul viruses play no small part.

Another example of this involves substance abuse and addiction. If a father smokes tobacco, then his daughters are going to be tempted to follow suit and maybe influence their sons. If he abstains, they will probably not be interested. If he smokes and drinks, then they will tend in that direction too and be open to other ‘party’ drugs.

This applies equally to mothers and their sons. Addiction industries know this all too well and market their poisons accordingly with whatever help they can get from governments.

Nonetheless there are always the exceptions. Peer pressure can cause a son or daughter to take up a drug habit or even abandon it. Governments can make it so expensive that it is not worth pursuing any more. However, in most cases the opposite sex parent will have the greatest influence. Those able to shrug off a soul virus are to be congratulated.

Migrating To Eden

On Eden temptations will be minimised through lack of opportunity. In their place will be the empowering Kingdom of Eluhiym with its positive and healing love. To better understand this, think of the people’s clothes not wearing out or their feet swelling during the Exodus (Deuteronomy 8:4).

When the opportunity arises to leave Earth for a new life on Eden, expect many, many thousands to willingly grasp it.

Nonetheless not all will be able to go and many will not want to. There is nothing wrong with staying on Earth. Down here one has family and friends, perhaps a good place to live and satisfying work. These do not have to be left behind. Earth has many things which Eden does not and vice versa. People also die on Eden, since it is a physical planet.

Another reason for staying is that life on Eden involves being in the audio-visual presence of the Creators Themselves. They shine very brightly. Life on Eden is meant to be a pre-cursor to Eternal Life in Heaven, yet some are quite content to wait until they die to go there, even if they miss out.

There are two types of brightness. When El Elyown appeared to Mosheh in the burning thorn bush and he spent forty days and nights with Him on Mount Ciynay, he was not blinded. Yet he wore a veil down among the people, since he was too bright for the Yisra’elites.

Sha’uwl of Tarsus, however, was blinded by the light outside of Damascus. He was confronted by a judging light. The men of Sodom were blinded for the same reason. Incidentally, no angels were involved there. Yehuwdic scribes changed El Shadday and Sar Shalowm into angels. No angel of Heaven has ever blinded anyone.

If one is doing wrong on Eden or has an ulterior motive or agenda, then expect some form of divine judgement. The righteous have nothing to fear.

Rather than address Sha’uwl again, three days later Yeshuwa sent Ananias as His messenger. He was then told that the Lord’s appearance was not a commission, but a prophesy of punishment for persecuting Him.

Unlike the Twelve, who were sent forth by a brightly shining Yeshuwa on the eastern side of Mount Tabor, where no one else would have witnessed the event, Sha’uwl was not spoken to again by Him.

He commissioned the Twelve, but not Paul. Besides He never commissions monotheists. The trance appearance in Acts 22:17-21 was a conversation he had in his schizophrenic mind. It was brethren within the Yeruwshalem church who sent him back home to Tarsus (Acts 9:30).

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