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A Mother’s Influence -  IV

Only one other sibling out of a total of eight has a commencing or second 110 and his string starts with 111,010,111,110. He likewise is a non drinker and non smoker, has always worked hard, enjoys gardening, and usually handles money wisely. He is not beyond questioning the church and also wanted to become a pastor himself. It was not to be.

The binary clusters at the start of a date of birth string usually determine how two people are going to relate to each other. Similar first clusters mean they can mostly get along well, even have a special bond. Different second clusters introduce other dynamics.

Without any common clusters couples can still have a strong emotional bond, yet find themselves following different interests in life. And if they accept this in each other, then each is allowed to be an individual. Where one attempts to control the other, then tensions enter into that relationship.

His mother’s 000 cluster made her feel insecure and ungrounded, perhaps a little paranoid, so she had to try harder. Yet it let her see into the mist of human behavior, discern what is wrong and suggest changes with her letter writing and advice. She knew that her son’s experience with the church would end in disappointment. After that, she was more encouraging and assisted with his research, sensing he had a greater role to fulfil.

The second cluster relates to the deeper mind. 110 is a braking energy. 100 is a stopping or destination energy as well as a presentation and adaptation energy. Understandably his father could easily say No. 110 gives a person that power and determination. Interestingly, the apostle Paul’s first clusters are: 011,011,100,100. He was great at adaptation and presentation.

The bond between the author and his parents clearly had special energies.

Names from the top: Robert, Wayne, Mum, Marilyn, Verne, Janice, Dad, Andrea and Peter.This photograph of the author with his mother and father was taken by his eldest sister in the sitting room on Christmas Day in 1961.

He is standing to the right of his mother with his one armed father seated in the lower left hand corner.

Below is a JavaScript calculator which lets one discover one’s own personal energies or that of another in the present or at any time in the past.




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