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A Mother’s Influence -  V

The first Two 110s

In the beginning Adam and Chavvah, both 110s, were created on the sixth day and they related well for hundreds of years. Yet this single cluster is produced by an Earth-based calendar calculator for day 6, September 8, 6342 BCE.

For sixty years they said No to the forbidden fruit, then became trapped by their own desire to have knowledge certainty. OM took advantage of this and got them to say Yes.

The following string is from Heaven’s 20,000-year Nativity-based calendar calculator for the same date: 11,110,001,101,010,010,101,010,110. Little wonder that humanity is constantly seeking certainty in knowledge (110). Once Yeshuwa’s birth is correctly dated to Tuesday, September 7, 6 BCE (Jc), then it opens up unheard of horizons. 010 is a masking and unmasking energy. So there is a lot of secrecy involved too.

Often when 110 faces strife, yet not always, it withdraws to a safe place while its opposite 011 puts itself into siege mode. 001 will sit and watch and probably stir them on. 010 tries to see both sides or hides. 101 protests and removes them while 111 tells them loudly to behave before pulling them into line. DNA just cannot match or explain this, for it is the language of the soul.

As an exercise use the previous calculator to find out which two binary clusters from the right govern the special people in one’s life. Those shared often reveal a strong bond. However, many spouses choose their opposite in one or both. So 100 may choose a 001, 101 select 010, 110 line up with 011 and 111 take on 000. This tends to create a balancing effect.

Regardless of which clusters are in play, children learn from their parents and by mimicking others. Who each man becomes is very much a product of how his mother especially has influenced him by word and example.

Motherhood is not just about delivering babies, breast feeding, clothing and doing everything for them. It comes with the ability to instruct minds and the effects continue even after the mother has passed away (Proverbs 22:6).

While it could be tough at home, rarely were any of the present writer’s siblings subjected to physical, and none to sexual abuse from them. Their parents taught them to maintain the innocence of children.

From his father he also learned the value of hard work while suffering. Despite losing his left arm above the elbow, he stayed busy until the brick-making business was sold. What he did with his good arm was amazing. This son has also carried on, although deemed physically unfit for the workforce.

Gender Confused Children

When there is no daughter or she has not found one that she likes and is desperate for a girl, a mother may decide to design one herself. She does this by sending strong maternal instructions to her baby. This has the makings of a soul virus.

However, it is more than just verbal instructions, which the soul, of course, likes to receive (Luke 12:19). She also projects onto the soul of the unborn child her desires, that is, emotionally-charged thought images.

Done once or just a few times, this will have a minimal effect. Yet with greater frequency that desire is burned into or branded onto its psyche. The child does not stand a chance, especially if the maternal desire is reinforced after birth.

If she is carrying a boy, he may become gender confused, for a girl’s soul will simply accept the instructions. On the other hand, should she want a boy and is carrying a girl, then she will become gender confused too.

Within the womb both instructions and soul viruses are imparted to foetal minds. Then after birth the boy is treated like a girl or girl like a boy and this is reinforced as the child grows.

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The schizophrenic mind is the medium for creating soul viruses.

Ego-based imagination works with the schizophrenic mind to create illusions of what might be.

Then it seeks to prove what the intellect has formulated by providing all the evidence needed to verify its belief and so affirm its self esteem.

Homosexuality is created by soul viruses, a process often commenced in the womb. There the developing baby is stamped by the mother with a male or female persona.