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A Mother’s Influence -  VI

Medical science is not in a position to observe this, since it occurs in the soul, and all it perceives is a physical boy or girl.

No one is ever born in the wrong body. If an effeminate boy thinks that, then this is due to his mother’s primary influence. With a butch girl believing she is a boy, her father’s pressure and mother’s co-operation is responsible there. Never under estimate their influence either.

Again it has nothing to do with DNA or even binary clusters for that matter. No malice is intended. Hope is strong. It just happens and usually the emotional bond is strong as well. In most cases the child looks like a natural girl or boy at birth, although there may be some physical anomalies.

The infection process may also be the result of cultural pressures to have a boy or even goes back to influences from parents and grandparents.

That a child has been infected by homosexual soul viruses can be observed by his or her speech, behaviour, sense of dress and manner of walking.

Sex change operations and hormone treatments do not alter chromosomes and mitochondrial DNA. A surgically-created female cannot menstruate and lubricate her artificial ‘vagina’ naturally. Nor can a surgically-created ‘male’ produce sperm or get an erection without some sort of pump. They might feel happy with their new bits and pieces, yet joy and contentment are characteristics of soul virus possession.

So what about circumcision? The pretend female’s soul is still perceived to be male and that is the case after death when given a new body. The male might have been circumcised, but removing his penis certainly does not help with good decision-making or going to Heaven.

Surgeons do not even know what the soul is, let alone how to alter its organ energy shells with their matter and anti-matter circuits. While they do think outside the box, they have a ready market for their skills and services.

Their services come at a price and the expensive operations are irreversible. Yet they, too, are held accountable for mutilating the main decision-making area of the human body. At least circumcision is necessary mutilation.

Issues of sexual confusion can better be dealt with by bringing both mother and son, or father and daughter, in for treatment and counselling. Otherwise the child is never going to change.

Even so, those bonds are difficult to break. The soul viruses were introduced long before the child was born and then reinforced subsequently through various kinds of behaviour, such as teasing, bullying, parental direction, kindred spirits and intimate sexual behaviour. Abusers with religious training seem to sense and exploit this confusion.

Mothers and fathers may or might not be surprised by the outcome, unaware of their own prenatal roles. Many, though, are quite accepting, since this is what they wanted. These tend not to care if a son or daughter has a same sex attraction and engages in sexual behaviour.

In other words, families are the breeding grounds for sexually confused individuals. Society adds to the complexity with sexual and industry predators taking advantage of them; fed, of course, by the mass media which, in the West especially, has become visibly beholden to their cause.

Nevertheless homosexuals should never be jailed or punished for being gender confused, so long as their sexual activity is carried out in private and away from easily offended eyes. They cannot help it, for the human sex drive is strong. Most are discreet anyway - or used to be.

Prisons tend to foster such behaviour. Perhaps they, too, should be banned. There are none on Eden. Religious institutions are renowned for their sexual misconduct. Out there these likewise will not exist, since OM is the creator of all religion and He is definitely not welcome on Eden.

During the Exodus wanderings the stoning of homosexuals and others was authorised, since Yahuw’ah takes exception to any abominations (Leviticus 18:22, 20:13).

He did not want soul viruses spreading throughout and defiling the Promised Land (18:25). This is also why Elyown destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah at His request (Genesis 13:13 and 19:24-25).

Out in the wilderness the people were given a choice. Either be stoned to death or sent away from the camps to fend for themselves, where they will die a slow, agonising death. They chose stoning.

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The Bible used by Christians has absolutely nothing positive to say about homosexuality and condemns it in every instance.

Yet as with anything to do with religion, it is the blind who are leading the blind.

So homosexuals find ways to infiltrate religious institutions and twist the Scriptures to suit their own agendas of one day controlling all society.