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A Mother’s Influence -  VII

Later Elyown, in the flesh as Yeshuwa, took a different approach. The soul viruses were already widespread. His position then was that he who is without sin (that is, soul viruses) should cast the first stone (John 8:7).

Since He is the judge of all men and Gods, then society should leave it to Him. Rather it should deal with its causes and attempt to bring it under control, even though the gate is now wide open and all the proverbial horses have bolted. After all, like all soul-virus infected groups they want to rule the world and control as many societies as possible.

Marriage equality legislation only feeds them. It is not true marriage, just a gross legal distortion of its definition. Love between two consenting adults is doubtful grounds for such a sacred bond. What do they mean by love?

Like the rainbow the concept of marriage has been stolen to create more industries involving medical expertise, the law, tourism, nightclubs and lifestyles. Jobs, money and votes are everything in today’s world, as every politician knows all too well.

Religion has to be careful here. So, too, those advocating punishment. While claiming to act from a higher moral standard, at the end of the day most believers share eternity with those punished.

Earth is a decoy planet where the God Serpents and Dragon are free to take as many souls as they can fit into Their million miles-long ‘heaven’ aka the Lake of Fire with its Dark Pits. Below is what residents should expect to see.

A lot of darkness occupies the Lake of Fire. Most souls tend to stay close enough to the light, yet keep their distance from the lakes which come in various sizes and heat intensities. Vehicle headlights on the far left suggest that IRVs deliver souls directly to the Lake of Fire.

Similar to the rich man in Luke 16:19-31, many naturally have no choice and find themselves in hotter areas from which escape is difficult or impossible. Not visible here, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil as well as berry bushes for dealing with cravings grow near the edges and in the surrounding areas.

Observe the emotional language in Matthew 7:21-23, where those excluded are very disappointed, since they were expecting to go to Heaven. Naturally it is the other people who always miss out. Not so!

Educating Parents

Should parents be held accountable for their influences? At the very least they could be made aware of any role they might have played, although society is unlikely to adopt this option. Very few of those born on Earth actually end up in the real Heaven: so far less than forty-one million.

In the end human tolerance in a heavily soul virus-infected world is needed. Legislation to grow the problem tends to limit the rights of those free of infection, although it does create burgeoning industries to feed it. Existence in the Lake of Fire goes on for millions and millions of years. There one has to learn to get along with other regardless, and one might as well start learning the art here and now.

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This closely resembles the Lake of Fire and its surrounds. On the far left are two headlights. IRVs make deliveries to the Lake.